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14 Mobile Optimization Best Practices You Need To Know

Mobile Optimization Tips

14 Mobile Optimization Best Practices You Need To Know

Nowadays, mobile has become much more important than desktop and if you optimize desktop websites, not your mobile website, then you are leaving an opportunity to offer your customers a better user-friendly experience. Concerning search engines, the concept of mobile optimization plays an essential role. Its positive experience not only improves the ranking but also keeps the users on the site for a longer duration, which leads to better conversions. To grab the best mobile optimization, make sure to design a mobile site that would comply with these 14 mobile optimization practices.

1. No Pop-Up

  • No full-page promotional pop-ups as it could be frustrating and makes it difficult to perform various tasks on mobile sites.
  • Adhere to small banner promotional items or provide an option with button tapping to view the day’s promotion.

2. Short Menu

  • Every mobile user desires to have rapid access to every information that they are in search of.
  • Make sure to maintain short menus so people don’t have to spend lots of time scrolling through endless menu options.
  • Make sure to reorganize your menu just to narrow down your items as much as possible.

3. Accessible Homepage

  • The logo available in the top left corner of the website should have the ability to take the users back to the homepage.
  • Make sure to provide the users with an easily accessible homepage as when it is unavailable, users might get frustrated.

4. Site Search Bars

  • Users who are in search of something unique and specific always turn towards the search bar to find their information.
  • Ensure to possess visible site search on the mobile site so it would become the first thing that users view.

5. No Sign-Ins

  • To require users to sign in before providing access to mobile sites could be very frustrating for beginners.
  • Good mobile websites provide the users with an option of sign-up, but they don’t lock up their whole website.

6. Streamline Information

  • Auto Filling of forms with pre-stored data.
  • Easy for users to fill up the information.
  • Helps users to accomplish what they require.

7. Proper Filters

  • Accurate filters allow users to view what they want to view.
  • Placing a filter icon near the search bar.
  • Display of results that allow users to narrow them.

8. Visual Calendars

  • Permit users to view start and end dates in the calendar.
  • Users don’t need to exit their site to check the calendar.

9. Product Images

  • Permit users to expand and zoom in on the product images.
  • Enhance conversions and delight customers.

10. Location Need

  • Permit users to share their location.

11. Single Browser

  • Permit users to stick to one browser.
  • Provide discounts to avoid users going to the web.

12. Good Mobile Site Speed

  • Provide great mobile site speed.
  • Avoid users who have to wait for a long time.

13. WordPress Customization

  • Provides good functionality.
  • Offers excellent mobile compatibility.

14. Page Size Optimization


Mobile phones are not going anywhere as a lots of people use mobile phones. A good site speed is a great option for mobile sites that greatly helps users to reach their objectives. If you don’t have the correct mobile implementation you could face consequences.

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