5 Reasons Your Company Is Not Ranking for Branded Searches

5 Reasons Your Company Is Not Ranking for Branded Searches

5 Reasons Your Company Is Not Ranking for Branded Searches

You’re trying everything, but you can’t find your website on Google despite all your efforts? No matter how good your website looks, you won’t attract any inquiries or sales if people cannot find it online. Google is the leading search engine in the world and drives a significant number of searches to websites. Because of this, a digital marketing agency or company working digitally and using a website wants to have it appear on the first page of Google.

Below are the top 5 reasons for your site not ranking well in search results:

1) Google indexing

Google will not display your website in search results if it isn’t indexed. The reason your website doesn’t appear in Google may be that it hasn’t been listed yet. The first step in indexing a brand new website is getting Google to index it. There could be an issue with Google itself that prevents your website from being indexed. Some websites, such as those that are new or those that do not have consistent publication schedules, may take a very long time for the Google bot to crawl through them and index them. Another reason could be a deindexed website. You may accidentally deindex your website from Google. Though it sounds strange, many people experience this problem. First, verify that your Reading settings are not blocking search engines from indexing your site. Google Search Console is a free tool to add your website to and provide a sitemap. This way, you can specify which pages on your website should appear in the Google search results. Also, Google Search Console can help you detect any technical problems on your website.

2) Poorly optimized content

There are many reasons why your website does not rank in search results. A website owner must make sure Google knows what information or services are on their website. Google ranks your website based on more than 200 factors. Adding and editing the title tags and Meta descriptions on your website can help you improve most of these aspects. To understand your site, search engines use the content of Metadata and descriptions. There are Meta tags that describe each Web page of the website, and you can optimize them for that particular page. As a new website owner, you should study your competitors’ content and optimize your content for keywords and on-page optimization.

3) Your webpage isn’t mobile-friendly

A mobile-friendly website has become essential due to increased mobile usage, overtaking desktop and laptop usage. It will seriously affect your ranking in the search results if your site cannot work on mobile devices. When a website is mobile-friendly, it will take the shape of any device viewed on, whether an Android phone, iPhone, or iPad, without changing the user’s experience. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool allows you to check the responsiveness of your website by entering the URL of your website. You will be able to determine whether your website passes or fails.

Search engines use a website’s backlinks to determine its search engine ranking, popularity, and importance. Backlinks indicate how reliable and consistent your website is based on its quality and volume. When building a high-quality edu backlink profile, remember that quantity isn’t everything. Links from trustworthy, relevant websites will be worth more than dozens of links from low-quality sites. Therefore, to rank well on search engines, your website needs a strong backlink profile.

5) Keyword competition is too high

Different keywords indicate different levels of interest and other goals of visitors to your website. Businesses with large marketing budgets might cause your website not to rank on the first page of search results for your main keywords. Keywords with the highest search volume tend to be competitive, as everyone wants to target them. Although you can target competitive keywords for your website, it makes sense to target particular keywords that have a chance of ranking. Beginners might find it easier to choose a more specific keyword to use. Later, as your site grows, you can slowly expand and target competitive keywords.


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