Traffic increased by 147%!

Traffic increased by 147%!

Are you interested in learning about how we boosted the website traffic of a car dealership by 147%?

If yes, you need to read this case study!

Our client wasn’t a clean slate, like quite a few other clients. A drop in their rankings, a drop in their keywords, and a drop in their business were symptoms of the problem.

Here’s how we turned their traffic around after a Google penalty:

Come on, let’s get started!


Several locations in the UK are owned and operated by this car dealership. The vehicles they sell are high-end luxury models.

Search volume for the terms they want to target is low, but they are extremely profitable.

First, they were aiming to regain their traffic along with improving their ranking in a few key areas.

Let’s start with the SEO audit

Auditing the SEO history of a new site is always the first step we take.

Rankings of this client plummeted after the May Core Algorithm Update.

With few-to-no content and thin and duplicate pages, this site’s rankings suffered.

Most auto dealer pages simply display inventory pages, so this type of problem is very common. It is also possible to win back a lot of traffic!

A few months after starting to use our link-building services, they jumped into our managed SEO campaign.

The Start of a New Search Campaign

We determine what the driving levers are for the company and what they would like to target in our campaign research process.

In order to determine what angles our competitors are taking, what offer should be made, etc., we will do competitive research after deciding on a theme.

We targeted a general audience of used car buyers in this case.

Due to the skewed data of the previous campaign, we started fresh with two brand new campaigns.

“Used cars” was the theme of first campaign, while branded products were the theme of the second campaign.

Keywords Research – “Easy Wins”

Improving traffic to existing pages is one of the first steps we take always.

A lot of sites are close to ranking and getting traffic, but they aren’t yet in the top positions.

The following metrics are used to determine which keywords the site ranks for based on our easy wins analysis:

  • Positions are considered 4-30
  • KD – Less than or equal to 30
  • CPC at least .01

Using this approach, we can identify targetable, valuable terms and pages that are close to ranking, and that can be easily enhanced.

With a CPC of $0.30 to $3.00, we found 460 potential targets on this site.

This list of terms/URLs is primarily a listing of specific cars that can be purchased. With low-difficulty keywords, we can quickly increase traffic.

Competitive Gap Analysis

In next step, we identify competitors’ keywords that you aren’t targeting and build content for those keywords.

In terms of content gap analysis, the automotive industry is slightly different.

Competitive gap analysis in this industry will often uncover irrelevant keywords (i.e. specific car models, geo-targeted keywords, etc.).

We were able to create long blog posts around the easy wins because most of the top competitors in this niche lack content.

As part of our monthly SEO strategy, we built links and created strategic content together.

SEO Results

We’ve bumped many of this site’s easy wins keywords to page 1 by targeting its key terms. On the first page of Google, the following top 10 keywords rank:


The organic traffic and traffic value of this client increased consistently after switching to our managed SEO campaign.

A combination of quality content and link-building techniques were used to build the site.

Our persistent work over the last few months has resulted in a huge boost in organic traffic. This boost has also resulted in a doubling of the value of organic traffic for this site!

We offer managed SEO services for those who need some help with their site (even if they have been penalized or had their traffic drop).

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