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Beauty Salon SEO Case Study

Beauty Salon SEO Case Study

An increase of 3x Traffic for Beauty Salon Institute

Should the colleges and training programs be concerned about SEO as much as an e-commerce or repair services? The answer is Yes, that’s right.

There are thousands of prospects that apply each year to these established organizations. You may not think so because of the fact that they are established organizations with hundreds of students. In reality, schools must be concerned with SEO in the same way as other businesses.

Here’s how we helped a Florida Beauty Salon Institute increase organic traffic 3X and keywords as 2X in Just 12 months.

We optimized the institute’s website and established its brand name as an industry authority website.

Discover how we achieved it by scrolling below.


We were contacted by a premier salon institute based in Florida in Aug 2021 for assistance with increasing their organic traffic, keywords, and web content so the students can buy hairstyling, manicures, pedicures, and more courses and services at dozens of stations in their large physical facility.

By providing high-quality education in cosmetology, the institute helps students obtain gainful employment in the beauty industry.

The first thing we noticed was that the company’s website lacked a blog, which was a missed opportunity for increasing SEO and establishing authority. Additionally, we noticed that they didn’t rank well or get as much traffic as they expected.


After discussing the client’s concerns and goals, we initiated the SEO audit. Our all new clients receive a comprehensive analysis of traffic, keywords, positions, traffic value, etc. as a part of SEO Audit.

In June 2019, their website launched, but until Dec 2020, they couldn’t break through a ceiling of 250 organic monthly visitors.

Over the first year, they used their newly designed website, and the institute’s keywords gradually increased, but the numbers remained below 500 until they started working with us.

As a final note, we learned that they had some success gaining backlinks from websites and articles. In order to provide them with more boost they needed, we knew many more SEO efforts would be needed.

Easy Wins” Keyword Research

Those who have worked in SEO before know it can take three months or longer to see significant results. When new clients start working with us, they want to see the needle move asap.

Therefore, our next step after the SEO audit is to find keywords that are easy to rank. The following keywords already rank for a client’s website in positions 4-30. To capitalize on the gains, we only need to make a few adjustments to their website pages.

Among the institute’s keywords, we found 375 that were “easy wins”. In choosing these keywords, we looked for those that had a high volume of searches and a low difficulty level. There were 4130 searches for “hair levels”, but a difficulty 6 out of 100.

Competitive Gap Analysis

You can learn a lot from your competition in marketing and advertising.

According to our research, this institute’s top competitors are other technical colleges and cosmetology programs across the country. Our client was not ranking for 3,200 keywords that were ranked by one of their Top 10 competitors.

We were able to find a few keywords to add to our client’s SEO strategy by searching through these keywords. Not every keyword would work for them, but it was a helpful to start getting new ideas here.

There were 44 unique competitive domains vying for similar Florida students.

The SEO Campaign

Now it’s time for the exciting part. We developed an SEO strategy for this client based on all the audits and research we conducted. It would be necessary to address their lack of keywords and low website traffic as part of this strategy.

We needed this strategy to work for longer with a variety of SEO backlinks. To accomplish our goals, we didn’t know whether we would need other SEO products too.

This could be accomplished by registering the client for our comprehensive managed SEO Campaign. Taking over day-to-day campaign management tasks from the client, gave our campaign managers full flexibility. During this time, they could concentrate on their own mission.

Please note that this client had no blog when we met during our first consultation. 

Using SEO Optimized content, we helped launch the institute’s blog. By using high-ranking keywords in the blog, we established them as an authority in the beauty industry.

Our client was unsure of how our services would work for their website. Developing a schedule for posting updated blog content took some time. As soon as the materials were uploaded to their site, web traffic soared.


A total of 12 months passed since we launched the campaign in Aug 2021. After the client uploaded the updated content we provided, there was a lag, but organic traffic spiked in the third month.

Although updated content is uploaded right away, most SEO campaigns take months to take effect.

When the campaign began, the client’s site received about 2800 visits. Currently, they receive over 9800 visitors per month.

It was the same for their ranking keywords. About 200 keywords ranked for them when the campaign started, which had been fairly steady for years. Their keywords increased to over 942 in Aug 2022, as shown below.

It is imperative to note that most SEO campaigns can take months to take effect, even if updated content was uploaded immediately.

They both had the same ranking keywords. They were ranking for about 200 keywords when the campaign began. In April 2021, their keywords reached more than 1,500.


It’s important to take away one thing from this case study: content remains the king. SEO Optimized blogs and web pages can boost your rankings and increase organic traffic.

As a matter of the fact, with the help of an updated blog, this salon institute was able to better connect with potential students.

Nowadays, everyone uses Google to research schools and training programs, so it was crucial the client appeared in searches.

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