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Best Local SEO Practices for Hotels amid Easing Travel Restrictions

Best Local SEO Practices for Hotels

Best Local SEO Practices for Hotels amid Easing Travel Restrictions

As the travel restrictions have started to ease around the US, the tourism industry has started to return to normalcy. Now, people have started traveling for leisure purposes, and more people will look up to the summer tourism season.

Because of this season, local SEO for hotels has become essential to kick-start their income.

According to Think with Google, the searches for “resorts near me” have grown globally by over 80% year over year. Furthermore, searches for “hotel booking apps” have grown globally by over 100% year by year.

The travelers have been looking up for hotels and other things for accommodation. Hence, it is important to develop reassurance for your guests regarding their health and safety, and amenities. For the same, posting relevant information online, along with Local SEO, is quite essential.

Here are a few of the best practices to include in your brand’s local SEO strategy:

Maximize your visibility with Google My Business attributes

In late 2020, Google updated GMB to optimize it better, based on the new requirements like safety, masks/temperature checks, hygiene, etc.

Make use of all its attributes, add all your features and amenities, discounts, etc. and optimize it to its best.
Convert the users into your customers

Even though your profile might be visible and drive traffic through Google My Business, not everyone would be interested in booking. Instead, a lot of them would want to compare prices or look for more details.

This is where you need to convert them into your customers by providing them with all the information and pictures they need.

Add answers to all the relevant questions you think they might face, whether related to Covid protocols or their safety and cleanliness.

Also, showcase your testimonials and room pictures to convince them that booking your hotel may be one of the best choices on their tour.

Keep up with Google’s Latest Travel Features.

Your hotel can benefit from the constantly evolving tools and features of Google, such as filters and customized searches.

Google can enhance the experience of its users by providing them with up-to-date information related to the restrictions and requirements (due to COVID).

More features like finding their ideal destination, such as terrace, pool, bar, etc., are available for the users, which can also benefit your hotel with proper optimization.

Stay up to date with Google’s changes as they continue to establish themselves as an all-in-one planning tool for travel. So your hotel business can benefit from optimized online traffic. 

Post High Definition (HD) Images

Pictures play a crucial role when it comes to attracting tourists to a hotel. So make sure you add new pictures regularly and keep your profile up-to-date. Also, add pictures of your hotel’s amenities like the garden, decoration as per festivals, restaurant, and the measures you opt for their safety.

Adding a watermark to your images will help prevent them from being misused. Similarly, do not use stock images as it would cause customer dissatisfaction.

Optimize your business for Local Search Terms 

Try to target various types of keywords on your website, local pages optimization, and Google My Business, as you never know what your target audience might search for.

Your ideal customer may be looking for a nearby hotel, but the ways in which they express that need in search are as varied as your guests themselves. Try targeting different types of keywords in your Google My Business, website, and Local Pages optimization.

For example, include the keywords related to local events, festivals, celebrations, and ceremonies like weddings, bachelor’s, kitty, etc., to let people know what your location is best suitable for.

Explore the current trends and changing requirements

Since the pandemic, the needs and requirements of people are constantly evolving. However, work from home and the need for comfort has stayed and is to stay for long.

So, optimizing your profile as per the current needs of people by adding keywords like working spaces and strong Wi-Fi connections can be highly beneficial.

Similarly, sustainable living choices like reusable stuff, avoiding plastic, saving electricity, etc., can help target a specific audience.

The same can be done by surveying the existing or previous customers about their choices and experiences.

As hotel brands have got back into the market, it is time to increase their presence and visibility by optimizing their website using Local SEO and attract their target audience.

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