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Casino Case Study

Casino Case Study

How We Up-Surged The Online Visibility Of Our Casino Clients: A Critical Case Study

The year 2012 witnessed Google’s new policy of obliterating knockout link building directories and techniques. This compelled key stakeholders in the casino and gambling industry to advent new SEO and digital marketing tactics to reboot their businesses.

The case study offers an insightful knowledge of our SEO techniques to increase organic traffic for casino and gambling industries.

Each of our online marketing strategy is to revive the down sliding status of these companies and make them rank higher in the search engine algorithms.

Client Background

Our clients hail from gambling and casino markets and recruit us as their premium branding optimizers. Most of our clientele engage themselves in reputable online casino games for their target audience.

The key purpose of these casino companies is to furnish assistance solutions to online casino players. They help them with amazing casino playing skills and tactics to achieve fabulous monetary benefits across several platforms.

The Challenges We Faced

Despite our seamless efforts to generate organic traffic for our clients, our pathway was fraught with inevitable challenges.

Some of the challenges we encountered to accomplish this SEO endeavour were:

  • When the casino and gambling companies hired us to raise their Google rankings, they were nowhere to be seen on any of the search engine platforms.
  • In fact, we had to initiate right from the scratch to allow our clients to realize their dreams of high SEO ranks.
  • Other potential players in the casino industry were already established and making massive profits.
  • Most of the popular keywords were already in use, thus creating a highly competitive edge for our clients.
  • It is not facile to accept casino and gambling landing pages on reputed search engines due to social stigma associated with their reputation.

The Services We Offered

We facilitated impeccable services to our clients and ranked them higher on multiple online search engines. For instance, our professionally trained team of optimizers was able to hike the ranks of our clientele on the Google search engine (check the images).

We assisted the client to bag the top 10 position within a month. And it still continues to maintain this high credibility with the managerial efforts of our digital marketers.

Our Solutions

Despite several challenges, our SEO team was prepared to assist our clients in generating organic traffic.

For this, our company came forward with the following solutions:

  • We optimized each landing page for our clients through our remarkable on-page and off-page SEO techniques.
  • We conducted a rigorous keyword research and integrated the same with our error-free and non-plagiarized content.
  • We employed on-page SEO tactics of title optimization, html tags optimization, meta tags optimization, link and image optimization etc.
  • Our next step was to initiate aggressive link building campaigns online to enhance their website popularity and brand credibility.
  • We also submitted our client’s web links to quality bookmarking sites and indexing for additional ranking support.
  • Last but not least, we posed several niche based articles and blogs including comments and guest posts to propel an optimal visitor flow for popularity amplification.

All the aforementioned solutions were a part of our monthly SEO package with no additional costs.

The Final Results
Our SEO services was able to cater towards the company’s long term goals of online business development. The organic traffic on their websites doubled within a month (from the graphical representation of 49 to 94).


Our devised strategies were able to redefine the online visibility of our clients using link building and content optimization techniques. Despite challenges, we were able to accomplish the estimated goals and render our clients as the new rising mafias of global casino and gambling industries.

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