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E-commerce SEO Case Study

E-commerce SEO Case Study

SEO Case Study – E-commerce Business

We helped online retailer increase traffic by 2400% in this case study. Interested in diving in?

Here we go!

Getting to know

A store selling items that cost between $50 and $300 can be found at this online e-commerce websire. Initially, none of the site’s organic traffic came from organic sources but only from paid traffic sources.

In the beginning, they bought some ala-carte SEO services, but they didn’t commit until they joined our managed SEO program.

There was lot of scope to grow in this niche.

SEO Audit

Performing an SEO audit is always the first step we take. This site didn’t have any barriers to success; it just lacked sufficient content and links.

“Easy Wins” Analysis – Keyword Research

As a starting point, we examine keywords for which they have already begun to rank but not at the top in search engines.

Traffic wins can usually be obtained faster by targeting these “Easy Wins” keywords.

Our analysis identified 76 potential targets, mostly on pages 1 through page 3. The CPCs ranged from .70 to $3.50 for these targets.

Products, category pages, and blog posts URLs were mixed together in these targets.

Several high-priority targets were shortlisted for quick boosts after discussing with the customer!

Competitive Gap Analysis – Keyword Research

This step helps you discover keywords that you aren’t ranking for but your competitors are.

You can target relevant keywords with content by using this step as it will always help you generate relevant keywords.

Content gap analysis is unique to e-commerce sites. You often get a lot of product names you don’t intend to sell when you run it.

As part of our work with the client, we carefully select keywords that are relevant to products in their inventory and target them together.

It was a really a fun to find some killer keywords we could write long articles about.

The SEO Strategy & Execution Plan

Our content and links to the site were maintained consistently throughout this campaign.

  • For first 1-3 months, we kept our strategy the same.
  • Diversity Links
  • 4X 1000 words blogs targeting niche product-related keywords with high volume.

In terms of results, we began to see an improvement in traffic gradually after we started implementing this strategy.

Achieving Our Goals

As we started seeing the improvement (Keywords & Traffic), we strongly believed in massive potential that we can target in future for this website.


In order to rank an E-commerce website for valuable keywords, you need to write blog posts with 1000+ words.

In addition, you can create internal links between these pages and your product pages. Building links becomes 1000X easier once you have such long blog posts.

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