Fact: Twenty Five People Click the First Google Search Result

  • A study by Sistrix analyzed over 80 million keywords and search results. The study aimed to understand user engagement.
  • The results revealed average CTR drops considerably after the first search result.
  • More than a quarter of Google users click the first search result. The average organic click-through-rate of the first search result in 28.5%.
  • The second and third results had an average CTR of 15% and 11%, respectively. The tenth search result had an average CTR of 2.5%.

Google Click-through-Rates

  • SEO is critical for ranking and driving traffic.
  • According to Sistrix analysis, the second-place web page will generate at least three times more clicks than the sixth place page. The first place page earns ten times more clicks than the tenth place page.
  • The CTR for pages on the second page of Google search results had an average of less than 1%.
  • Many factors impact the CTR of the pages on each position on the first page of search results.

Factors Impacting Click-through-Rates

  • The most significant factor is the layout of SERPs.
  • A majority of queries generate the traditional ten blue links SERP layout. Other queries generate other types of layouts.
  • Here are other types of SERP layouts and how they affect CTRs.

SERPs with Sitelinks

  • Sitelinks extensions are useful for boosting traffic. 
  • The first position page with sitelinks extensions will achieve an average CTR of 46.7%.
  • One of the possible reasons that sitelinks appear in search results is because the query involves a specific website.
  • As such, the first result with sitelinks will receive half the clicks.

Featured Snippets

  • The study reveals that there is no benefit for a page to display a featured snippet.
  • The click-through-rate of such pages is 5.3%, which is below average.
  • When the first search result has a featured snippet, the average CTR for position 2 and 3 is above average.

Knowledge Panels

  • Knowledge Panels do not affect clicks as well.
  • The average CTR for such pages is 16% rather than 28%.
  • These pages receive fewer clicks because the knowledge panel provides the user with the answers they need.

SERPs with Google Ads

  • All the top positions in the SERP are affected if the page is full of ads.
  • However, the knowledge panel affects organic results more.
  • The CTR is reduced by 10% in the presence of Google Ads.
  • On the contrary, knowledge panels reduce CTR by 12%.

Bottom line

  • The key takeaway from the study is that the keyword search volume should not be the only factor to consider when evaluating links.
  • SERPs with Sitelinks extensions perform better.
  • Featured Snippets and knowledge panels do not improve clicks for a web page.
  • Presence of Google Ads hurt all positions on the first SERP.

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