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Five Marketing Hacks by Dropbox which are hard to Ignore

Five Marketing Hacks by Dropbox which are hard to Ignore

Dropbox is a comprehensively designed file hosting service to accumulate your documents. Despite spending minimal funds on marketing strategies, the company has achieved a value of $4 billion.

You must be wondering how?

Well, we bring you five amazing marketing hacks by Dropbox which escalate its popularity, pretty hard to ignore by tech enthusiasts.

Refer to your Friends

Dropbox seamlessly practices the impeccable art of networking with its clients to attract potential customers. It encourages the users to spread the word about Dropbox’s growing popularity and join the team at the earliest.

For instance, the company awards 500 MB space to both the user and the new referral with every signup.

Incentivizing Social Media Users

Social media is the trending platform to peak up the process of brand visibility and worthiness. Dropbox makes an effective use of social media platforms to spur its business.

However, you will be surprised to know that Dropbox does not endorse itself on any of its social media handles. What it actually does is to incentivize social media users to share their posts on social media.

And in return, it expands their file saving space through the following incentive plans:

  • Dropbox Basic: Users can earn up to 16 GB space in total and up to 500 MB per referral.
  • Dropbox Plus and Professional: Users can earn up to 32 GB space in total and up to 1 GB per referral.

Integrated with Harmonious Sharing and Syncing Features

Dropbox paves the way for seamless networking with your loved ones. It performs the tasks of sharing multiple files with wholesome simplicity and elegance. In fact, this feature has optimally driven the number of Dropbox users since its inception.

Besides, this feature starkly resembles Facebook’s effortless sharing of audios and visuals.

Comprehensive Layout Templates for Easy Navigation

Dropbox charms its new and existing users with its all-embracing layout design and pattern. This is because it assists the novice users to easily navigate throughout its homepage and discover the signup icon.

Furthermore, the company also furnishes a 2- minute video tutorial for newbies about the product and its terms of use. In short, this is one of Dropbox’s key marketing strategy to gain popularity among its target audience.

Effective Branding

Last but not least, the effective branding strategy of Dropbox has played a pivotal function in its successful business endeavour. Here is an outline of Dropbox’s brand marketing tricks to entice its users and enhance its sales:

  • The company uses potent branding elements such as colour marks, smell marks, sound marks and motion marks to peak up its brand value.
  • Dropbox adopts an upfront approach to stand at par with the desirable expectations of its clients. It goes beyond the dynamics of financial benefits while delivering satisfactory storage services to their clients.
  • Building an optimal brand reputation via the facilitation of cloud storage services upsurges its reputation in the global market.
  • Customer prioritization approach of the company has catered to the formation of a remarkable customer support base system. Integrating this with their word of mouth and experiential marketing approaches has revolutionized their overall business without looking back.

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