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French Canadian SEO Case Study

French Canadian SEO Case Study


Using SEO instead of other marketing methods could prove to be more profitable. The case study breaks down how an effective SEO strategy can deliver insane ROI.

Come on, let’s do this!

As a French Canadian company, it is both non-US and non-English website.

Our SEO products are mostly written in English, but even though it’s a French site, the client was OK with that.

Using a non-English use case was a helpful way to test whether our strategy would work.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit

Whenever we work on a site, we always start with an SEO audit. A lot of traffic wasn’t directed to this site, but there were no penalties.

The main keywords were over optimized and one exact match was at 28%, and other one was at 25% for their money keywords. Although it wasn’t a big deal, since they had few links, it was still an influencing factor.

Analysing Keywords

Finding “Hidden Goldmines” is an easy way to win.

Whenever we do keyword research, we look for quick wins – keywords that the site already ranks for, but not at the top. Traffic wins are usually quick if we target these!

The local focus of the site meant that fewer easy wins were possible, but it’s okay. Because of the higher intent, there is less traffic, but more conversions.

A total of 43 search terms with traffic between 20 and 1000 searches a month were identified, with CPCs between .20 cents and $5 per click. We began by focusing on a few high priorities between $4 and $5 a click.

Competitive Gap

Our research identified 31 terms their competitors were targeting. A CPC of .10-3.00 was found for these ads with volumes between 20 ms – 1,600 ms.

There were some keywords they hadn’t targeted before, such as local areas. The brands they worked with included some well-known appliance brands. Some of these were keywords that matched services they offer but didn’t yet have pages for, or weren’t optimized for. These are all the things we showed them!

The SEO Campaign

They had actually started doing SEO on their own, so it was a bit different from our other case studies. Prior to joining our managed SEO campaign, they did not have a website.

Right after their first order was placed in Jan 2019, their sales increased significantly (and traffic too).
Due to some Management Planning, they stopped and didn’t place an order till Jan 2020.

The company signed-up again in our managed SEO program in June-2020, and we worked on it more strategically from that point on:

We had limited options, as this is both, an international and foreign language website. Here’s how we came up with the strategy:

  • Diversity Links
  • Guest Posts Links
  • A mix of of Natural, Branded, and Exact Matches

How did the study turn out?

That’s right! The strategy helped with increasing traffic on their website and lot of keywords started ranking in

They bought our services for Only $9,000 as in total investment.

The cost of PPC would be 120k per year if they were spending $10,000 per month!


Perseverance is the key.

Their SEO dropped off when they stopped taking action, but jumped back up when they started taking action again with us.

We can help you also discover big wins for consistent results with our SEO strategy.

You probably can find a solution for any type of business.

Top of all it is important not to focus on tons of traffic, but rather on the RIGHT traffic.

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