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Google Algorithm Updates

What are Google Algorithms?

Google Algorithms refer to comprehensive systems for recuperating original data from search engine index. These multiple algorithm combinations help deliver the most appropriate results as per their SERP relevance.

Previously, Google used to undergo select changes in its algorithm recoupling. However, an upsurge in new web pages has immensely impacted the search engine results.

Due to this escalation in the addition of websites, Google makes numerous changes to its search engine index. These changes vary from time to time and as per contemporary requirements.

Many a times, these changes go unnoticed due to their limited intensity. On the other hand, there are changes which engender a deep influence on the SERPs of a website listed in Google search results.

Below is an exhaustive list of algorithm updates and announcements which Google has issued. Specific links accompanying these algorithm launches allow SEO analysts to have a better understanding of these updates.



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