Google has minimized irrelevant search results by 50 percent in past seven years

Google has minimized irrelevant search results by 50 percent in past seven years

Also, Google has claimed that it witnessed 60% increase in natural language queries by searchers.

Google recently announced that it has minimized irrelevant results by 50 percent in these seven years. It also disclosed the information concerning a rise in natural language queries by 60 percent.

Irrelevant results

Google is continuously introducing new updates in its Google Search. In 2021, it made over 5000 plus enhancements in search results and even conducted 800,000 plus experiments. It claimed that all the experiments and changes in the search results are to boost relevancy and search quality. It also said that this decline is claimed after measuring internal metrics on quality rater data. It does not have any self-reliant source for this metric.

Natural language queries

Google has also said that it has witnessed a 60 percent increase in the Google Search Box’s entering queries via natural language.

They have seen an evolution in the search queries of people too. Therefore, if the user is creating content in such a way that they are speaking with the people, you will earn rewards in Google.

This way, people will be able to locate what they are looking for effortlessly by using language that we normally used to speak and write.

Why do we care?

We can anticipate one thing from Google, and that is continuous changes. These changes will always aim at enhancing relevancy and search quality. This way, the chances of ranking your website high will always be on the rise.

Moreover, with the advancement in search and SEO in the last 25 years, it is arduous to expect the launch of shortcuts in the coming days. Writing high-quality and engaging content will help you in delivering a promising user experience.    

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