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Google Gives Sites More Indexing Control With New Robots Tag

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Google Gives Sites More Indexing Control With New Robots Tag

When you employ embedded material on your site, you should use Google’s new embedded robots tag. With this title, you can speak Google to only index material on a page if embedded using iframes and comparable tags of HTML.

The index embedded tag replaces the index tag. You can use the noindex tag to keep an entire URL out of the results of the search and the indexifembedded title to make a particular part of content indexable when it’s implanted on another webpage. According to Google, this tag was created to address a media companies’ problem.

When Is It Appropriate to Use the Indexifembedded Tag?

This new robot tag doesn’t apply to many publishers because it’s designed for content having a different URL for embedding purposes. For example, a podcast producer might have separate websites for each audio episode, each with its URL. There would also be direct links to the media, which other websites might use to embed the audio on their pages.

A URL like this could be used to reference a podcast episode. The podcaster may not want the media URLs to appear in search results. The only way to keep them out of Google Search was to use a noindex tag.

The noindex tag prevents the content from being embedded in other pages during indexing. As a result, if the publisher wanted embedding to work, the media URL also needed to be indexed.

Thanks to the index embedded tag, publishers now have more control over what has been indexed. Here’s an example from Google:

How to make use of the Indexifembedded Tag

This new robots tag can be used in two different ways.

To allow your content to be indexed only when embedded on other pages, add the indexifembedded tag with the noindex tag.

In the image below, you can see an example of how the code will look:

Screenshot from:, January 2022.

You can also specify the tag in the HTTP header.

At the moment, only the indexifembedded tag is supported by Google.

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