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Google always changes its algorithm after every couple of months, and a new update just popped up almost a week ago. They named it the January 2020 Core Update. This update is a big one, and all tech giants and businesses are looking into the same because It affected Google’s SERP and the way of ranking a website.

The previous update from Google was slow to roll, and it didn’t affect the search results too much. However, this one is focused on “Content,” and all the early chatter, as well as signals, shows that it will affect your online business. All the advertisements, backlinks, reputation, and freshness are surely an important factor. 

Content is the big player now and it impacted businesses around the globe. The announcement of latest update is made by Google’s twitter handle. The announcement is as follow –

Key Note About the Update

This global rollout of Google started on Monday at 12 pm ET, the same day as the announcement. It impacted Google search regions and Google language. The rollout is over, but you can still find fluctuations for two more weeks, Google Said.

Note to take, while SEO agencies and third-party monitoring tools are giving data and finding a huge drop in traffic by 30%. It is easy to guess; this update will stay, and websites need to recover by creating more content and featuring snippets.

Now, if you find a change in the ranking of your website or your clients’ website ranking, you can say that it is due to Google’s Core update. Websites with drop in traffic will be looking for a fix, but there is no fix this time after the core update, Google Said.

Google’s Advice for Future Posts

As mentioned, this update is based on the “Content” factor, so you must take these six Google’s Advice into consideration before updating any post.

  • Content must contain original information, analysis, reports, and research.
  • Content must provide insightful analysis, substantial description, comprehensive guide.
  • Does content avoid any kind of copying or rewriting if it is drawn from other sources?
  • The headline of the page and the title must avoid being too much Exaggerating and shouldn’t seem shocking.
  • The heading or title should provide a description of content; relativity with the title.
  • Is this a page or post that people will love to bookmark, share with friends, or read?

Alongside looking after the freshness of content, not copied from any source, keeping it original are important. Even Google said, is the content written by an enthusiastic writer based on factors and research, or it is done in bulk by any agency.

Bottom Line

Thus, it is all about keeping the content original, must have relativity, should be written with negligible errors, higher readability score, and more. Businesses getting lower traffic after the update can’t fix anything, so it is time to look forward and building new content. These advices are for all the webmasters and new businesses.

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