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Do you know about the Google Panda update? If not then this article is meant for you! Now, before we jump on to the Google Panda update let us share few details about the SEO groundwork. In pre-panda, the SEP was dirtier business and high-quality sites or the good guys did not every time win in the search ranking. As more irrelevant, low quality, as well as plagiarized content, surfaced, bad pages started to out number the good ones in search results. So to combat this web-spam Google needs a new update.

Google panda update-

This update is the Google’s most popular update. Google panda update introduces in the year 2011, month February and it is also referred as “farmer update”. The main goal of the panda was to improve the customer’s experience by removing popular search spots of the web-spam pages. Particularly by punishing the sites containing low-quality content as well as rewarding sites with high quality and fresh content.

This new update, as well as accompanying algorithm, took in an account the reputation of the website, load speed, design and user interface, all together in an effort for producing more results and more in line along with the human browsing habits. While it operated to produce highly accurate results, panda, in turn, targeted low-quality sites through lowering their position in search engines.

How Google panda update influenced websites?

  • The effect of Google panda was huge and till today many companies can feel it.
  • It impacted approximately 12% of search queries that means 12% Google ranking changed drastically.
  • Its impact felt hard by large content farms including the ehow,, yahoos linked content and demand media.
  • An estimate showed that 80% of the sites were negatively influenced by panda update and are still facing losses.

What Google panda dislike? 

  • Thin content
  • Same content appearing on the number of sites
  • A site having duplicate content
  • Poor quality content
  • Filters which are not technically correct present on sites
  • Short content
  • Machine generated content
  • Many topics on the single domain
  • Bad spellings
  • Poor usage metrics
  • Affiliate sites having poor content

So, this was all about the Google Panda update and what impact does it have on the other sites. The impact of this update is vast till today and websites which wish to make their ranking high on Google must keep in mind the things which Google panda dislikes.

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