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Google Published March 2022 Product Reviews Update With Additional Ranking Criteria

Google Published March 2022 Product Reviews Update With Additional Ranking Criteria

Google recently launched a new product update, including detailed analysis, usage, distinctive information, and similar product coverage.

After the launch of the first and the second product review update on April 8, 2021, and December 1, 2021, respectively, Google has now released the third version of its Product Review Update on March 23, 2022. Named as March 2022 Product Review Updates, it is all about search ranking algorithm updates, targeting product review-related content.

Product Review Update Of Google

The Product Review Update launched by Google solely aims at promoting review content that is forbye the paradigm you will witness on the Internet. These types of product reviews will be promoted in Google’s search result ranking.

In their update, Google has claimed that they will not penalize the reviews of low-quality products. Instead, they will reward those sites that provide more intuitive review content by ranking it higher on the search engine. Theoretically, this update will only be going to affect product review content.

What Has Changed?

According to Google, this third Product Review Update is the continuation of the first two updates and has been launched to improve Google’s ability to determine highly qualified product reviews. It will also make purchasing decisions effortless for users and reward the creators that have helped them in making a sound decision with the help of the content. 

Following are the criteria Google has listed for Product Review Content to rank in the Search Result Page.

  • Content that has in-depth and helpful details like advantages and disadvantages, performance, and differences in a particular product.
  • Content should include the personal experience of the people who have used it.. They should showcase the physical appearance and the usage of the product.
  • Content that includes information apart from what the manufacturer has already provided. It can be the audio, visuals, or links attached to the content that are dealing with the user’s experience.
  • Content that even covers similar products or explains the features of the product that make it unique from that of its competitors.

Implementation Of The Product Review Update

Google can implement this update in the coming weeks. It is because such types of updates usually take some weeks to roll out. Therefore, you can even notice volatility in ranking during the early stages of deployment.

Impact Of Product Review Update

Corresponding to Google, the update may influence those who deliver product reviews in their languages. It is because the initial implementation will be in the English Language. Google has already noticed the positive impact of this update previously and is further planning to stimulate product review support for more languages in the coming months or years.

Advice On The Product Review Update

Google’s overall focus is on delivering intuitive analysis and indegenious research content written by an expert or fanatic who is highly knowledgeable about the topic. However, they also provide supplemental significant questions to think about for product reviews. They even recommended users create product reviews that cover the following areas and questions they have listed.

  • Does your product review share appropriate expertise about the products?
  • Does it showcase the physical appearance, usage, content provided beyond the manufacturer of the product?
  • Does it provide quantifiable measurements about the performance of the product in multiple categories?
  • Does it explain the uniqueness of the product that makes them stay ahead of the competitors?
  • Does it cover similar products or explain which products are the best in terms of uses or circumstances?
  • Does it showcase the advantages and disadvantages of particular products based on the research on it?
  • Does it describe any update in the product in comparison to the previous models?
  • Does it contain crucial managerial factors for the category and performance of products in those areas?
  • Does it describe the design of the product and the effect users have beyond what manufacturers say?
  • Does it have any evidence like visuals, audio, and other links to the content of the product?

Fresh Advice

Google has added three fresh pieces of advice in its third launch of the product review update. They are as follows:

  • Product Review Updates should be relevant according to the criteria. The new update is applied to all types of review content. However, since the nature of the ranked list is short, you have to demonstrate your proficiency and strengthen authenticity concisely. You can do so by uploading original images and admissible results you acquire by testing the products. 
  • The guidance for reviews endorsing the best products. If the product you have recommended is best for the specific purpose, ensure to share it with the readers the reasons you have considered it so. Include the things that set them apart from their competitors and the purpose of it being a suitable product.
  • You need to consider whether you have to create product reviews of multiple products or just a single one. Writing a content that is suitable according to highly qualified ranked list is highly effective when combined with detailed product reviews for each recommended product. Even if you are writing both, ensure to add enough appropriate content that stands out in the ranked list.

Google previously claimed that this update is similar to the core updates. However, Google also adds the advice in the core updates. Additionally, it also provides additional guidance for this particular update.

Why Should We Care?

If you provide product review content, we advise you to examine your ranking to see whether you were affected before. Ensure to see whether your organic traffic improves, declines, or stays the same.

For the long term, ensure to put in-depth details and attempt into your product review content to make it rare and different from the competition on the Internet. Also, if you are affected by core updates previously, work hard to acquire rewards from the upcoming product review updates. 

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