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Google September 2022 Core Update is Effectively Complete

Google September 2022 Core Update

Google September 2022 Core Update is Effectively Complete

As expected, the update took a little over two weeks to complete. And now, it is time to consider the wins and losses and how to cope. 

It’s now official. Google rolled out a September 2022 Core Update – the second one, probably not the last one, this year – to completion.

As we said earlier, the September updates were rolled out on September 12th, barely three days after the Helpful Content update on September 9th. Two unrelated, but noticeable, updates that could affect your webpages ranking on SERPS. 

The rollout is now confirmed through a statement on Google’s search ranking update page, where they stated that the update ended on September 26th, 2022. This confirmation was only recently published, and here are the important points to note. 

September 2022 Core Update Impact

From the analysis of data pulled from Google tracking tools, we can tell that the September 2022 update’s impact was felt almost immediately but fell short of the larger scale we’ve seen from previous updates. Yes, there was some volatility, but no reason to panic. 

How to recover? The silver lining is Google has always provided pointers on how content creators can recover if they were hit. You can get suggestions from Google Core Update Advice and use this time to recover before the next core update changes everything again. 

Product Review Update

We are still expecting the Product Reviews Update to end any time now. The update was launched barely a week after the core update and is still rolling out. We will know just how much was affected after the rollout is finished and the impact it will have on web pages.

Why You Should Care 

Even though the reach of the September Core Update is nothing like what we have seen before, there are a lot of web pages that got knocked down in rankings. It’s time to take a closer look at the analytical data from your site to find pages getting the lowest visibility and start improving the content to regain the last ranking. 

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