Google Upgrades the Search Ads Design to Make Ads More Discernible

Google Upgrades the Search Ads Design to Make Ads More Discernible

Google Upgrades the Search Ads Design to Make Ads More Discernible

Recently, Google announced that it is updating the look of search ads by including new elements for accentuating logos and names. Earlier, Google had been accused of making ads similar to normal results in terms of look. This upgrade is certainly a solution. 

Now, there will also be no ‘ad’ label. These updates are likely to make search ads more discernible than organic results. As of now, they are slowly being released for mobile devices, with desktop devices targeted later in the rollout.  

Business Names and Logos in Google Search Ads

One of the recent changes by Google is the modification done to the search snippets for homepages, due to which the name of the website is shown instead of the title tag. Now, a business name will be the first visible element in search ads. 

In other words, until now, the landing page URL was at the topmost position in a search ad after which the ad title is displayed. However, still showing the URL and title, the new update aims to make the name of the business more distinguishable without removing any existing, useful business information.  

This new approach is likely to be useful for businesses commanding on the keywords of its competitors. Now, it is going to be more obvious to know which website will be visited by clicking an ad.

Apart from business names, even business logos will be shown in search ads. This makes it clear to the searchers as to which business is shelling out money on that specific ad. This change makes ads more discernible to the seekers than the organic results. 

While organic search results are usually text pieces with the intermittent thumbnails on the right, this upgrade aids in displaying a business logo on the top left, a demarcating characteristic of ads making them stand out from organic snippets. 

‘Ad’ Is Now ‘Sponsored’

Well, this is the ‘ad’ label in the ads that is now ‘Sponsored’. The latter is the new tag to be featured in the top-left corner of ads.

For Whom Are These Updates?

These updates are certainly not going to affect each business on the web. This is because the inclusion of business names and logos is in the beta stage at present and is confined to those publisher accounts that fulfill the following criteria:

  • > 90 days old and has adhered to the Advertiser Verification program
  • A qualified vertical or sub-vertical, meaning excluding those related to gambling, alcohol, adult content, and healthcare
  • Having active campaigns, good record of policy compliance, active text ads, expense accruing on search campaigns for a minimum of last 28 days

For these accounts, Google Ads shall index and crawl the landing page to get both the logo and the name for adding them automatically to their campaigns. As an owner, you can review and remove any unwanted automatically-added information. You also have the option to add the logo and name to each campaign manually.

How Are These New Features Rolling Out?

These features are being implemented automatically. You will get a notification in your Google Ads account once the features are rolled out. 

Google Review Policy

Although the upgrade is announced, Google is definitely not going to apply it without a review. It will review the logos and names to check whether they adhere to its ads and format requirements policies.

In case of non-adherence: If the business name is not included, the domain will be displayed from the display URL. Similarly, if the logo is not displayed, a blue globe icon will be shown. 

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