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Google Uses Different Algorithms For Different Languages

Google Uses Different Algorithms For Different Languages_Parker2010

Google Uses Different Algorithms For Different Languages

Google’s Search Advocate, John Mueller, recently commented to a Reddit thread inquiring whether Google employs the same algorithm for different languages or not.

According to him, Google utilizes the same algorithm for most languages. However, it is obliged to apply a different algorithm that the language requires for query interpretation in some circumstances.

The thread also asks how SEO tactics and ranking variables fluctuate depending on the language.

According to the forum, the inquirer wondered if the BERT improvement would be the same in other languages because it was about semantics. This got him wondering about other ranking elements and how they differ in importance depending on the language and culture. Finally, he wonders if anyone who has worked in Local SEO in a different language has noticed any differences in ranking variables.

Mueller did not address ranking criteria in his response, although he did mention the usage of different algorithms for different languages.

Language Variation In Google Search Algorithms

The Google search algorithm comprises several algorithms, although many people believe it to be a single entity.

Some of these algorithms are used across all languages, while others are used only for specific languages.

Spaces are not used to separate words in some languages. According to Mueller, a distinct algorithm is required for these languages, and the approach for languages with words separated by spaces cannot be used.

According to him, Google search employs several algorithms. Some are universal and apply to all languages, while others are unique to specific languages. Some languages, for example, do not have spaces between words, which would make searching difficult if Google regarded all languages the same as English.

How Does Google Search Recognize Different Languages?

It’s worth addressing a topic discussed during last week’s Google Search Central SEO office hours. It has something to do with searching Google’s information in several languages.

Mueller was questioned if Google could tell when two sites with the same information are written in different languages. Google, put, does not.

Google relies on content providers to identify if different material bits are similar when written in other languages.

Mueller explains how the HTML attribute ‘hreflang’ does this. He claims that Google uses ‘hreflang’ to identify identical URLs from a user’s perspective and then swaps them.

He feels they struggle to understand how the material might be equal in different countries or languages. It’s always possible to have too many local variants. The trick was to recognize that Google cannot analyze the equivalence of material in multiple languages on its own. This sheds more light on why specific languages have different Google algorithms.

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