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Google’s First Page Ranking Guaranteed

Google’s First Page Ranking Guaranteed

Google’s First Page Ranking Guaranteed

Probably you have used various SEO strategies and services to boost your Google ranking.

Or you may have tried out several SEO courses believing that things would help with guaranteed Google first page rankings but still haven’t.

If that’s the case, then these top seven tips are for you.

You can rank your website in Google’s first page with these seven tips below. How? Let’s focus on keywords and other SEO rules to draw more traffic. Moreover, with more traffic comes more sales and revenue.

Let’s address these tips here:

Identify Your Position on Googles Standard

Your SEO strategy depends on the strength of your website’s authority. The way Google sees your domain authority tells the kind of keywords your site needs to gain more traffic.

Difficult keywords are known to draw more traffic to sites. However, your site must have high authority to use such keywords. On the other hand, it is crucial to use keywords that produce more traffic when you have weak domain authority. 

Such keywords bring your site to Google’s first page. Also, note that the older the site, the stronger its backlinks and authority. 

So, how can you determine your domain authority? 

To determine your domain authority, use these three steps.

  • Create a free account on a Moz link explorer.
  • In the explorer, input the URL of your site.
  • Write out the domain authority.

Be Smart about Finding Keywords

There are different ways to sort for keywords, but using the right method is always essential. A smart way to find keywords is through specific SEO software tools, whether paid or free. Some examples are Moz, AccuRanker, Ahrefs, SERanking, and SEMRush.

But, let’s focus on how you can generate some of these keywords without purchasing any of the SEO tools. 

Here’s what you can do:

  • Think of 20 keywords you believe people will likely search for. Ensure the keywords are relevant to your business, products, or services.
  • When generating the keywords, make sure they’re information-intent and buyer-intent-based.
  • Also, ensure that each of the keywords has at least three words.

Now, using Google Keyword Planner, you can find keywords with high search volume and less competition.

Identify What is the Intention Behind Any Search

Finding your keywords is one part, and knowing the search intention is completely different part. So, how the search intention is significant to your posts? Once you understand the search intention, it’ll be easier to know and create content that ranks high on Google.

Input the generated keyword on the Google search bar and click the search button. Next, you need to observe the results that pop up. To do this right, you might need to ask yourself a few questions. 

What are the similarities of the first ten results from Google? Secondly, are they product pages, images, PDFs, blog posts, or other kinds of results? Finally, what is the searcher’s intention?

The three most common search intents include:

  • Informational intention – This refers to a searcher who seeks some information. For instance, what is a project? How to write a project?
  • Navigational intention – Searchers under this category want to find a specific website like Amazon Signup, Facebook Signup.
  • Buyer/transactional intention – These searchers want to purchase something. It can be a product, web hosting, or some insurance quotes.

When it has to do with informational intent keywords, the ideal format would be blog posts and videos.

The navigational intent keywords would be a company or site the searchers wish to find. This may not contribute significantly to your site. Why? All traffic will likely shift to the company’s site, Facebook, for example.

In the case of the buyer/transactional intent keywords, what works best would be landing pages and products/services pages.

Let Your Content be SEO Optimized

So, what kind of content should you create now that you know the target keywords and their relative content?

Well, there are two options: a product or service page or a blog post. Whichever you choose to opt for, there’s still a need to observe the SEO optimization protocols. 

Let’s address these SEO optimization rules:

Keyword-rich URL

It’s best to make your URL the main target keyword of the post. For example – the main keyword is Google first page guaranteed” so the URL should be like

Also, don’t make it lengthy. Using the whole title as the URL usually makes it lengthy. So, just pick the main keyword to keep it simple and brief.

Let your title contain the main keyword.

Always include the main keyword in the title of your post or page. It’s not out of place to use synonyms in your title. Google considers synonyms the same way as the underlying words. But, it will be a bad SEO practice to present a title so different.

Let your title contain some modifiers.

A few examples of modifiers are cheapest, best, top (current year), and so on. Adding any of these to your title is a good way to draw traffic effortlessly.

Often, searchers include these modifiers when searching online for your primary keyword. Although it’s not overly important to include these modifiers in your title, it helps to gather more visitors to your site.

Place your title under H1

Not all themes place your title under H1 automatically. Although there are exceptions like WordPress, it’s still essential to wrap your title in H1.

Include video and images in your posts/pages

Adding multimedia ingredients to your posts or pages helps keep visitors on the site for longer. Moreover, it’s a way to improve the appearance of your page.

Use H2 Tag for Subheadings

Place the subheadings of your posts in H2.

Make external links to other resources

When you make external links to other sites, Google recognizes the subject of your post. Secondly, this has a positive effect on the user experience.

Don’t leave blank images

It’s important to include alt text in your images. Whatever the case may be, please don’t leave them empty.

Make your content longer

Always bring your content up to a benchmark of 1500-1000 words. It has been observed that Google is more concerned about such content. You can take this even further by generating content from Content Harmony briefs. This provides the precise topics you need for your content to boost your ranking.

Include Links in Your Posts

If you need your site to gain traffic, it must appear on Google’s first page. This is only possible if the domain possesses high authority and some backlinks.

There are two types of links you can add to your page, which are:

Internal links

Internal links are pretty easy to include in posts because they are the links to your other pages. One benefit you can get from using these links is having your visitors stay longer on your site. This is one of Google’s ranking factors. Also, including these links helps to increase the chances of appearing on Google’s first page.

External Links

External links are those that belong to other sites. You can refer to them as votes.

Your Google ranking depends on the number of votes you get. This is one of the most effective Google ranking factors. Unfortunately, they don’t get into your posts automatically.

You can create and execute a strategy for developing links to get more links. One way to do this is by swapping links with other website owners.

Keep Track of Your Page Traffic and Google Ranking.

It is crucial to monitor the areas where your pages get a higher ranking based on the primary keywords. This is because it is a way to get feedback on your effort to generate links in real-time.

Moreover, your pages stand the chance of ranking high when you boost your site speed, build links, or make other relevant modifications. This also helps you identify the areas where the SEO practice is most effective.

Furthermore, you can easily see areas where you need to improve as you get feedback through your different ranking positions. You can start with the available tracking tools online, particularly if you’re a beginner.

Once Your Page Appears on Google’s First page, Optimize It.

The ranking factors don’t remain the same once your page appears on Google’s first page. You’ll deal with factors like dwell time, click-through rate, and more at this stage. At this point, building links is not the only thing you should be doing.

Here are other things you can do:

To Get More Google Clicks, Optimize Your Title and Meta Description

The page title and Meta description are the first things a searcher finds on your page. As such, you need to make them appealing enough to your visitors. You can achieve this by optimizing both of them.

Increase Dwell Time

The dwell refers to how long a visitor stays on your site. It is the time difference between opening your site from the search results and returning to the results.

So, how do you increase dwell time? Here are some essential steps to take to improve your site’s dwell time.

  • Always keep your content updated. This aids the contentment of users, thereby keeping them more on the site.
  • Creating internal links is another way you can increase dwell time. How? Internal links give your visitors additional information to read about. The more they click on those internal links, the longer they remain on your site.
  • The speed of your website is also important if you want to rank higher. While dwell time indirectly impacts your ranking, site speed directly affects it. You can use some auditing tools online to begin this process.
  • Engage your visitors with pleasing content. An attractive and well-structured page makes it easier for visitors to exhaust its content. Moreover, their dwell time is also increasing as they spend time reading your posts.


With these seven simple tips, you stand to grab a good chance to guaranteed ranking on googles first page. However, it’s not so easy to achieve this. You need to work smartly to achieve this. Always be ready to give it your best and be consistent. You can refer to some digital marketing tools to ease the workload. If you need a free SEO Consulting, get in touch with us today.

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