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Halloween Marketing Trends and Tips in 2021

Halloween Marketing Trends and Tips in 2021

Halloween Marketing Trends and Tips in 2021

Halloween is just around the corner since the month of October has finally arrived. Online brands don’t need to be surprised by the importance of the holiday season each year.  There were still many places in the world under lockdown in 2020, which meant fewer people were able to fully enjoy the Halloween season. However, Halloween has returned this year.

2018 was predicted to be the year when the UK will spend £484 billion on Halloween-related goods. As a result of a worldwide lockout, this is likely to reach over £600 billion dollars this year. Halloween is here, and people are hungry, drunk, and ready to be scared! Therefore, this is an excellent time for you to boost your online marketing.

Halloween is a great time to be creative! Millennials and Gen Z also use social media platforms to find ideas for costumes, makeup, decorations, and food. Each year has a new theme, a new trend. Content should focus on consumer interests – such as convenience, savings, and promotions.

Other people will find themselves spending their evening in front of a horror movie as they prepare for a night out. The right message can be delivered across a range of channels in the right context for marketers to reach both audiences. This year, we’re going to focus on a couple of Halloween themes.

We can expect to see a lot of throwback-style decorations for Halloween this year. There is a 76x rise in searches related to “retro Halloween style” – the top term trending on Halloween.”

Costumes for Halloween will be just as frightening and memorable as ever. The inspiration for costumes this year will come largely from media outlets. The cost of Halloween costumes was 510 million Dollar in 2020.

This year, people are buying related products online in greater numbers than ever before, which has contributed to convenience and (somewhat) comfort.

Facebook Messenger is filled with Halloween spirit:

To encourage users to get into the Halloween season, Facebook released Halloween-themed AR effects, stickers and video backgrounds last week. Users can view the augmented reality effects on Instagram and Facebook as well as explore four new haunted worlds.

As Facebook explains, there is a ghoul-infested labyrinth, a busy hive of robots, a ghostly nebula (on October 23rd), and a fog-covered world covered with sinister plants (on October 30th)’.

Additionally, the Halloween 360 graphics can also be used with the corresponding Halloween sticker pack on Messenger, allowing users to embrace the holiday’s spookiness. Therefore, when chatting with their family and friends, you can send them spooktacular creative messages and engage more creatively with you online, helping your brand stand out on Halloween.

Here’s a look at what’s selling on Facebook Marketplace:

In addition, Facebook recently published new insights about Halloween trends across Facebook Marketplace, including costumes, DIY inspiration and décor ideas.

As part of the overview, you can also learn about the recent additions to the Marketplace that is now reaching 1 billion visitors per month. Your approach could be inspired and you may be more enthusiastic about the event if you watch it.

The question is, how can I design effective and fun strategies to integrate Halloween with my social media marketing plan? We offer these top 5 suggestions:

1. The keywords are freakily awesome!

Social media is great for keywords. By using keywords in your content, you can link your online presence to your business. If you are planning a Halloween social media campaign, you should consider creating some relevant hashtags.

  • Who is your target audience? What keywords do they use? Those are the kinds of insights that will help.
  • To find keyword ideas, use online tools. Try Google Trends, Keyword Tool, etc.
  • Observe trends and make note of them! This is the perfect time to consider Halloween costumes, movies, and recipes.

By understanding what your users are looking for online, you can make posts and use hashtags to help them find what they’re searching for and make your company become more visible.

2. UGC (User Generated Content)

People are crazy about Starbucks’ Instagram-worthy products and they’ll help you market them online. The Zombie Frappuccino is a good example of this. The campaign was accompanied by a hashtag that was used to track user-generated content that was generated as a result of the marketing campaign.

3. Web Pages and Graphics with Halloween themes

Consider giving your website’s appearance, or your social media presence, a Halloween twist. It’s pretty simple. You can create a range of spooktacular online experiences, like landing pages, banners, and blood orange pop-ups.

4. Posts with Halloween themes

If you’re posting Halloween content, make it animation-rich. It might be as easy as adding Halloween themed dynamic backgrounds for your seasonal images, such as Facebook’s AR Halloween effect. The staging of Halloween themed campaign content; that anchors your seasonal marketing. Make your users feel frightened (in a good way) by decorating your site with Halloween graphics and removing all the distracting elements.

5. Email marketing campaign themed around horror

Keep your email newsletters up to date. Your emails should incorporate product placement, Halloween graphics, and event-related messaging. An entire topic-based segment could be created or a segment based on a theme added. The segment can be tailored to suit your brand.

A broad array of Halloween-themed ideas can be incorporated into your digital marketing campaign with user-generated content, interactive themed posts, and event-based hashtags.

An excellent source of ideas can be found in popular trends, historical evidence, and past campaigns. We will allow you to create an effective marketing campaign during the Halloween season, increasing your conversions.


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