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How to Increase Domain Authority In 2023


How to Increase Domain Authority In 2023

Increasing the Domain Authority of a website is the most common query of a person who is a website owner. Some owners of the websites are often excited and obsessed with increasing the Domain Authority of their website.

Does increasing the DA of a website make a difference in achieving the overall search engine optimization (SEO) success? If yes, then let’s take a look and find out.

What is Domain Authority? Why is Domain Authority Important?

Domain Authority, also known as DA, works as a ranking metric. You can use it to predict the rank of your website on search engines.

Moz developed Domain Authority to know the quality of a website. As a result, Moz is the first to colonize the SEO solution providers.

DA works on the principle-based on an algorithm used by some of Google’s primary ranking factors.

Some website owners complain about having a good DA score, and still, they don’t have any organic growth. 

Domain Authority and Google are often mistaken as they are not correlated. However, Moz and Google have denied these types of claims many times.

Moz has become a standard analyzer to analyze the quality of a website.

Predict the possibility of websites popping up on the top of the SERPs. For example, Moz is considered as one of the best ranking metrics.

It assigns a score to a website based on many different factors. For example, the Domain Authority score ranges from 1 to 100.

The quality of a website is dependent on the DA score. A high DA score means a high-quality website, and a low DA means a low-quality website.

Domain Authority of your website decides your rank in the search engine result. Google wants to provide the best quality information to its users. With higher authority, your website has more chances of customer attraction through organic search.

If your website is not considered as important in the eye of Google, the chances of coming in top search results for your keywords would likely be rare. Therefore, improving a good relationship with search engines is important for your SEO strategy.

What is My Domain Authority? How can I check it?

Use the Link Explorer tool to check the Domain Authority of a website. It is a part of Moz metric and was known as Open Site Explorer back then.  

Enter the domain name of a website that you want to check. 



Another easy technique to find a website’s Domain Authority is installing the MozBar extension. However, the Moz tool may not work if many extensions are already installed on your device.

What is a Good Domain Authority? Having a low Domain Authority is a Bad thing?

Having a low Domain Authority doesn’t mean that a website is pointless. On the contrary, even a low DA website can appear at the top of the search engine if the level of competition is deficient.

As you increase your DA score, it becomes harder to achieve a higher DA. However, achieving a score of 20-30 can be a straightforward task.

Raising DA from 31 to 40 becomes more challenging, and raising DA from 71 to 80 is more complex and time-consuming.

Old websites with low Domain Authority are evidence of low traffic and low-quality links.

Domain Authority score is often collected over a long interval of time. Therefore, the aging of a Domain plays a crucial role in improving the DA score.

It is impossible to increase a website’s DA score from 1-50 within a few days. It can take a few months to reflect your efforts for the website.

A little effort on a website (On Page or Off Page) will surely not make your increase your DA.

How to Calculate the Domain Authority of a Website?

Domain Authority of a website can be calculated by many different factors, such as Google and Moz. However, Moz hasn’t revealed its crux algorithm. But confirmed a few things about Domain Authority’s incrimination.

  • The number of inbound links pointing toward a website from a different domain.
  • The contextuality of a link and website linking to a domain.
  • The ranking of Google SERPs and the quality of a web content
  • The On-Page SEO score of a website.

 Moz mentioned that they use at least 40 factors to check a page’s authority.

A lot of websites contain 90+ Domain Authority. So the comparison of your DA score must always be with your immediate competitors.

Better the DA score higher the chances of top ranking on the SERP.

You may also check the official video from Moz on how to use Domain Authority correctly.




Moz Domain Authority vs. Moz Page Authority

The overall score of a website is known as Domain Authority. At the same time, the quality metric of a page within a site is known as Moz Page Authority.

Domain Authority and Page Authority are relative.

If a page on a website has a high PA, then the proportion of DA is also higher.

Can Moz Domain Authority Score be decreased with the time? 

Nothing is constant in SEO unless you make consistent efforts to maintain it or improve it.

These are a few factors that affect the DA score, such as how the machine learning model of Moz provides the quality of links received from a website.

If a website has around 50 Domain Authority, this will be based on 900 different domains that are pointing to your website.

If the Moz algorithm analyses a higher spam score of 400 or more on these pointing websites, your website’s Domain Authority might also vary (up/down) along with their Domain authority.

In 2019, Moz revamped its core algorithm, which determines the DA score. After this update, many websites felt the ups and downs in their DA. However, many people complained of a massive drop in their Domain authority.

When Moz analyzed this situation, the sites with reduced DA were getting their backlinks from low-quality websites.

According to Moz, here are some reasons why the Domain Authority might decrease:

  • Link profile growth of your website is not correctly recorded in the web inbox.
  • High authority websites that experienced significant link growth couldn’t adjust the scaling process.
  • A website got backlinks from resources that do not contribute to Google ranking.
  • The scoring spectrum of your Domain authority might be low and have a more significant impact by scaling fluctuation.

How to Increase the Domain Authority Score?

You have learned what Domain Authority is, why Domain authority is vital for assessing the quality of a website, and how the Domain Authority is calculated. 

Now let’s try to understand how to increase the Domain Authority of a website by practicing some simple steps. 

Improve the Off-Page SEO of your website

If you are willing to improve the DA of your website, try to get high-quality links from domains with even Higher DA scores than your websites. This will rocket your DA score.

Try not to get links from websites with a higher spam score. Having a link from a website with a higher spam score will decrease the website’s authority.

Receiving the links from a highly reputed website will positively impact the Moz algorithm about the quality of your website.

Always be aware of the link pointing to your website. If you receive a higher amount of spamming links, the DA score of your website can lose badly.

Always keep an eye on the spam link you are receiving, and make sure to remove it if its spam score is above 30%. By chance, if you are unsure about the quality of those websites you are getting backlinks from, better to use the “no-follow” attribute to avoid any issues in the future.

Use Google Disavow Tool to disavow such high spam score websites and improve your website’s DA. In addition, disavowing such bad links helps in the long run.

How to get quality inbound links to your website?

Natural Links

One of the best ways to get high-quality links from good websites is by publishing natural content that is fortune and worth for the website.

Once people notice that you publish good content, they will try to link back to your valuable resource.

Worthy-link can be published in several ways. For example, it could be content based on research or asset that can be linkable such as infographics and graphs.

Blogger outreach 

One of the favorite and most successful ways to build links is Blogger Outreach.

If you are running out of time and still willing to build Authority, Blogger outreach would be an ideal method for link-building practices.

Broken Link Building

A worthy link-building strategy is Broken Link Building. It performs the broken link audit of the high DA website and it fixes the website with a broken link. This is how you get a good quality backlink from a website without putting the work into hours.

Unlinked Mentions

There is a possibility that your brand name would have been mentioned on random websites. You may not have received a link back from them. Find and shortlist the high Domain Authority websites among the brand mentions you received using SEMRush. Then, you can approach them and ask for a link to the brand anchor text.

Link Reclamation

Occasionally, you may lose links that you earned for your blog. Finding those lost links is easy with Moz, SEMRush, and Ahrefs. It is a good idea to contact the webmasters of the high-DA site and ask them to fix the links.

Press Releases

Consider implementing PR for your website as well. The Domain Authority of many publishing websites is high. It’s worth the effort to obtain backlinks from magazine-grade websites. You can choose between paid and organic PR.

Thus, Organic PR activity occurs when the press determines that you are offering something worthwhile to highlight. This typically occurs with large organizations, but if you have a carefully thought-out approach, you can also pull this off.

You may also obtain high-quality connections from DA-ranking websites through paid PR campaigns. Though, some websites might charge you.

Optimizing On-page SEO

Increasing the on-page SEO quality of a website is extremely crucial. With the execution of quality On-page SEO it becomes possible to achieve high rankings on Google and  it also improves the DA score on Moz.

On-page factors do not affect DA scores. But if something goes wrong while doing it, the impact on Google ranking can affect the DA score.

Any new update in Google Algorithm can create changes that can lead to a decrease in a website’s DA score and even loss of position.

The On-Page grader tool would be an ideal for improving DA score and optimizing the on-page SEO factors.

The tool also shows where a webmaster’s immediate attention is required.

What can you do to increase Domain Authority besides writing quality and engaging content?

1. Keyword Optimization

While writing the quality content for the website, make a collection of keywords you want to rank in content. Putting the right keyword can be effective in achieving the target audiences.

2. The freshness of the content 

To maintain your position at the top of Google SERP, the user must keep updating their content regularly that attracts higher audience to your website.

 Regular content updates will ensure that you remain in the top position of Google SERP.

 3. URL Optimization 

Most websites generate their URL by CMS, but they are not SEO-friendly. Ensure to optimize the URL manually by yourself.

4. Meta Title

One of the most important ranking factors for SEO is Meta title. Any mistake in the optimization of the title can be critical for your page. 

Any mistake in title optimization will lead your page not to rank on Google SERP and can even affect your Moz Domain Authority.

5. Meta Description 

A Meta description is one of the most important ranking factors for Moz. However, it does not affect the ranking based on Google. Therefore, description optimization is essential for the overall ranking of your website.

6. Heading Tags

Google has announced the confirmation of H1 and other heading tags that are used on a page. It will provide a clear indication related to different topics covered on the page.

7. Image Alt Text

Another simple but important factor used by Moz for understanding the quality of a website’s page is whether alt text is used in their image.

It surely helps to increase Google’s ranking and improve Domain Authority.

8. Internet links 

One of the main factors used by Moz for page ranking is internet links. This is because a considerable number of links on a website would help users navigate between pages.

You should add no more than 100 links to a page.

9. Fix the Technical SEO issue

Some websites have been penalized because of their technical SEO failure, and Google’s algorithm does not accept these failures.

301 redirects in high quantity or lack of canonical links can often lead to a decrement in the domain ranking of a website.

10. Page Load Speed

The announcement of Google’s mobile-first indexing was a massive banger for the ranking of websites in page load speed.

A website that is highly optimized for computers but fails to do the same on a mobile phone. Google will blackout them from SERP.

11. Increase Your Social Signals

Although till date no one has confirmed the impact of social signals on DA score as Moz considers many exterior factors for figuring out the DA of a website.

Even though Google is to verify whether or not Social Signal is a part of the algorithm, the pages rated in top positions on Google SERP have a social share.

How to increase Your Domain Authority (DA) Score in 30 Days?

Getting to the heart of the matter is the key. What is the best way to build your website’s Domain Authority within 30 days?

While you may notice immediate changes to Google SERPs after building backlinks or tweaking your content, Domain Authority takes time to reflect on your efforts. In spite of this, there are a few methods you should try to increase your website’s DA.

By implementing these best practices, you can increase the DA of your website within 30 days or less. Please take a look at the plan we have for you. Don’t worry about charges.

Step1: Develop an Engaging High Quality Content Strategy

The first step to optimizing your website’s on-page and off-page SEO is to ensure it has engaging content that’s worth linking to. Ensure you spend time writing long-form content. It has been proven that long-form content attracts natural backlinks more effectively. Furthermore, this type of content usually ranks higher on search engines for more keywords.

On-page SEO scores are usually high for articles that attract natural backlinks. Consequently, the page has high SEO strength and ranks highly on Google for its target keywords. When many keywords rank on Google, Moz’s Machine Learning Algorithm starts indexing them as they appear on the Google SERP. As you progress, your DA score will improve slightly.

Step 2: Conduct Link Audit

When you create content that is link-worthy, have your team do a complete audit of your website’s links. Specifically, websites that have been online for at least 3-4 months should take this step. You can determine which links point to your website by using the Moz Link Research tool.

In addition to that, you can also view how many links you have gained and lost over time. If you choose “Linking Domains”, you will receive a list of domains that are linking back to your website using the Link Research tool. Reports from Google Search Console also show the same information. Nevertheless, since we want to improve the DA of your website, Moz’s data would be ideal.

Make sure all domains linking to your website have a low spam score. A major factor in the reduction of the DA of websites is an increase in spammy domains. Search for a website with more than 30% spam score. Websites such as these can negatively impact your DA. Anyhow the situation becomes relative. It is likely that 85% of the links on your website will be quality links if you have a website that has 90+ DA. The presence of a few high spammy backlinks in this situation will not adversely affect your DA.

In this case, when you have just started your website and received fewer than 100 backlinks, you should consider removing links that have a very high Spam Score since they can negatively impact your DA and SERP rankings. Export the spammy domains from Moz and make a list of the links you want to remove.

Step 3: Get Rid Of Spammy Backlinks

If possible, reach out to each blogger or website owner and ask them to remove the links from the spammy domains before you disavow. The disavowed links cannot be detected since Moz is not affiliated with Google. Upon increasing the position and number of keywords ranking on Google, the impact will become apparent.

Step 4: Delete Unhealthy Links

Make a list of spam-prone domains and use the Disavow Tool to remove backlinks from domains with high spam scores from Google’s ranking considerations.

Literally, disavowing the links submitted to google takes a lot of time; Google has to crawl and index a huge number of links before being able to disavow them. Google estimates that this process can take up to six months.

The process of disavowing is going to be much faster for websites with fewer RDs, and organic ranking changes will be noticeable within few weeks.

Step 5: On-Page Seo Audit

Building backlinks from sites with high Domain Authority is as important as displaying website free of errors. Despite this, there are several on-page SEO errors that cannot be seen by the naked eye. You can use tools such as Screaming Frog, Moz Site Crawl, or SEMRush to conduct the on-page SEO audit. It is recommended to use the Moz On-page Grader if your website has few pages. Analyze the on-page SEO issues on the site and determine how to improve the Domain Authority.

Step 6: Audit of Technical SEO

The lines between on-page and technical SEO are blurring, but due to its importance in establishing Domain Authority, we still list it as a step.

Technical snags prevent websites from ranking high in Google SERPs. Consequently, you will get fewer natural backlinks. As a result, you won’t be able to raise your Moz Domain Authority.

If you’re concerned about the technical integrity of your website, use the Moz Site Crawl tool. In addition to analyzing your DA, this tool helps you improve it. The analysis process results with the list of errors. Those errors include slow load time, errors within Robots.txt, redirect errors, host of 5xx errors which are crucial in google ranking. The tool not only lists the errors, but also offers solutions for fixing each one.

Step 7: Resolve Technical and On-Page Issues

As part of this process, you must address and fix all on-page and technical SEO errors. If you are certain that all the errors have been corrected, run a second audit to ensure the problems have been fixed. As soon as you have a flawless website, others will want to link back to you.

Step 8: Get Started with Link Building

You’re now ready to begin the most critical phase of boosting your website’s Domain Authority. You should identify at least six long-form articles on your site that other people will want to link back.

Look for keywords that have high traffic and are low-hanging keywords (the ones on Google’s second and third pages). In the meantime, have a team scout for possible websites. In order to perform successful blogger outreach, you should follow the points mentioned above.

Apart from backlink building, if you want to find high quality, you may need to try few other strategies like link reclamation, broken link building, unlinked mentions, etc., Since link building is a successful method, have a range of fine tuned outreach emails ready if you are doing blogger outreach. Reaching out to prospective website owners with outreach emails are a crucial component of successful blogger outreach campaigns. Utilize the quality long form content as the email’s reference. Soon after the email, keep a data to follow up the prospects.

NB: Generally, if you want to receive atleast 50 high-quality backlinks, you need to perform around 300 – 500 blogger outreach.

Step 9: Write Outreach Content

The content requirements may become a challenge as soon as you start receiving positive responses to your outreach email. If you want to increase your Domain Authority in a month, you need to get the links live as soon as possible. In order to maintain the pace, outsource the writing requirement of your content. If you are hiring freelancers or outsourcing agencies to write the content, ensure that you provide them with proper instructions.

Usually guest posting sites will have pre-defined protocol. It is wise to share those instructions to the writers while you assign. It will decrease the chance of rejection or redo. Even few websites will share the guidelines about link placement; you simply need to acknowledge it.

In scenario, most effective way to improve websites DA is to build high-quality backlinks with fine tuned long form content. The content should have low hanging keywords to create backlinks. It assures that the blog performs well on Google through increased search keywords and the user for the page will also increase as well. As a result of this work, natural backlinks can be improved that will boost DA of your site.

Step 10: Social Media Sharing

After the outreach content has been published on the website, share it through all your social media accounts. In addition, you can ask the publisher to make social media sharing along with using the article in newsletter to find more interesting people to give the link back.

Step 11: Re-do Content Strategy and Link Building

Obtain 200 and more high-quality backlinks within two months by following the same link building and content strategies. Within the first 30 days, you will see your website’s Moz Domain Authority Score improve, and as you reach out to more bloggers, the score will rise further.

NB: As you know highest DA is 100 and attaining it should be your priority. You should strive to achieve a higher DA than your competitors. Moz Domain Authority is a proxy for rankings on Google, and if you succeed in getting it higher than your competitors, you’ll rank higher on Google.


Everything is at your fingertips now.

Your website’s DA can be increased within 30 days by using the information you have just swiped. The best results come from incorporating these tips into your website.

To deal with these activities, it is also understandable that you may have a limited amount of resources. No worries! If you need help implementing this plan, we are always here to help.

Feel free to contact us through the live chat if you need assistance raising the DA of your website. You have to look at DA from a long-term SEO perspective, and it only works when you compare it to the right competitors.

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