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How to Make Your SVOD Website Stand Out on Google SERPs

  • Subscription Video On Demand websites are growing in popularity for offering consumers the freedom to choose, by providing greater control.
  • Ranking higher in Google SERP is an excellent way to capitalize on relevant searches.
  • Unfortunately, these attributes present SVOD sites with the problem of retaining customers.
  • The primary failure of most providers is content discoverability.
  • The consumer enjoys flexibility which allows them to opt-out when they discover content from another SVOD provider. The best way to retain subscribers in such a fluid market is by making your website stand out in Google SERPs.
  • You can give consumers the impression that you offer something different from the rest in many ways.

Use dedicated landing pages

  • It would be best if you make it easier for consumers to browse content. As an SVOD provider, you need a dedicated landing page for the various types of content you offer.
  • The most effective categorization strategies include genres, current affairs/civil rights issues, and interests. For example, Netflix has a landing page for all movie and TV series genres.
  • You can have a dedicated landing page for genres such as action, drama, horror, and comedy, among others.
  • Netflix also has dedicated landing pages for movies associated with women’s rights, the LGBTQ community, Black Lives Matter, Black History month, and more.
  • For interests, Netflix has landing pages for martial art movies, dancing movies, and police movies, among others.
  • You can build more categories to boost SEO efforts.

Link building

  • Getting mentioned on editorial websites is another effective way to drive traffic. These inbound links will enhance the overall authority of your SVOD site.
  • When a user searches for ‘best 2020 movies’, the entire first page ranks editorial websites like and
  • Editorial websites have quite a loyal following and strong domain authority.
  • You can reach out to the authors of these articles and request for a mention of your content/service.

Use the right schema markup

  • Use VideoObject, TVSeries, and TVSeason schema to your site. This markup will help search engines understand your content better.
  • Your site will be able to rank for attention-grabbing results, which will increase click-through-rate.
  • Netflix uses VideoObject, TVSeries, and TVSeason schema in its source code. The advantage is that Netflix ranks higher on intent-specific searches.
  • For example, when a user searches for ‘watch Suits Season Two Episode Six’, Netflix will rank high in video rich results.
  • This strategy is particularly useful when content is offered by more than one SVOP.


  • The primary goal of SEO is to allow your site to rank higher. Optimizing for SEO is the only way a website can boost traffic in a highly competitive industry.
  • To make your SVOD site stand out in Google search results, use dedicated landing pages, build links through editorial websites, and use the ideal schema markup.

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