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Indonesia Casino Case study

Indonesia Casino Case study

Case Study: How Parker2010 Helped Sbobet Improve Their Google Rankings And Bring Better Traffic?

The Background: Sbobet Betting Platform

Providing every betting requirement of gamblers, Sbobet is a platform offering all the major types of online betting. Sbobet is licensed for operating as an online gambling agent by the First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation based in Manila, Philippines, and the Isle of Man Government in Europe. From big bets with better odds to small bets for safe betting, this platform offers it all for its users from different parts of the world. They operate from their headquarters in the Philippines, where a team of hardworking professionals is working with utmost dedication to offering the best services for every customer. 

Loaded with all the major types of sports and games like soccer, tennis, baseball, Rugby, etc., in the Indonesian market, this is a power-house betting station. It also offers bets for entertainment and casino categories of different games like roulette, lottery, blackjack, Baccarat, and popular games like Dice Bets of Indonesia. Sbobet is one of the few platforms in the online market with a good reputation, especially for faster payment clearance in a hassle-free process. However, despite offering such high-quality services with top-class betting support, gambling sites like Sbobet are struggling to improve their Google rankings or increase their online traffic without proper SEO support.

The Case: Low-quality Backlinks And Dropping Web Traffic & Rankings

SEO itself is a complicated process of implementing specific strategies for every business and requires expertise in every single segment. When we talk about SEO for gambling platforms or casinos, the game is more challenging and demanding now. But one thing for sure is that with our expert help, this arduous seeming task is no longer inevitable. It is always tricky for starters to increase traffic and push ranks for niches like online gambling or casinos. The online casino has some of the toughest competition in all markets over cyberspace. 

This competition makes it daunting to implement SEO strategies for online gambling websites and get results. Finally, another challenge of a whole different level is the social stigma and a hard-to-fit mentality associated with casinos. This dwindling reputation of online casinos actively works against conventional SEO practices to get expected results. The Sbobet platform was also a victim of these speculations degrading its performance and ranks day by day. On top of it, gambling, betting, or casino-based activities are also not legal in Indonesia. 

Combined, all these factors made it almost impossible for Sbo to increase traffic on their platforms and push their ranking on the virtual world. To overcome their miseries, Sbobet tried different SEO practices from different SEO agencies in the market to become the leader of the casino world with a top-ranked position on Google. They tried different agencies and SEO services only to face nothing but disappointment. It’s not in everyone’s expertise to handle a successful SEO for an online casino website. Even after getting decent backlinks and premium services, nothing seemed to pay off for Sbobet, not until Parker2010 showed up as an angel in disguise.

The Brief: Pushing Sbobet To The Top Ranks And Find Better Traffic

The main idea for the action plan was to push, Sbobet to the top rankings, increase organic traffic, generate better leads, and improve the rate of conversions. The team of Parker2010 was offered free will to move forward in any direction they deemed appropriate.

The Strategy Part: The Elite Class Packages To Handle Sbobet’s Situation And Use 6-Point Techniques

A Technical Audit of the Advanced Level

The expert team from Parker2010 started with performing a high-level SEO audit on Sbobet’s website using advanced technical tools available under almost every single monthly package. Every single discrepancy was thoroughly investigated and rectified. In the beginning, we found massive amounts of pointless sitemaps that served no authentic purpose. Instead, these unwanted sitemaps were degrading the image of their website. Our team replaced these with definite sitemaps, which were indexed to bring the best possible results. 

On top of it, their website was full of poor-quality pages. Most of these pages were removed, while some were edited concerning the best SEO practices in 2022. Considering the number of ratings and reviews, we also worked with structured data and rich snippets. SEO audit carried out by Parker2010 showed how each visible issue was addressed effectively to provide better results for Sbobet. By the end of the audit, reasonably good results with better efficiency were observed. Additionally, the loading time of the desktop page was over the minimum, which in turn caused a significant increase in bounce-off rate, leading to a reduction of time spent by users on their website. 

We reduced the page load time on handheld devices to an optimal level, which was pretty abysmal. The overall speed at which a website load is often looked away from most businesses. In Package 1, the loading time of a website plays a crucial role, especially in the case of casinos or gambling platforms like Sbobet. Since these websites comprise many visual elements, it becomes vital to address loading time specifically without compromising the website’s aesthetics.

Re-optimization Of On-page Content

On checking, we found out that many pages of Sbobet were deficient in quality or had below-average SEO scores. The majority of the meta titles on different were rewritten to improve their overall SEO score. We also replaced their meta descriptions from scratch and reoptimized several outdated page URLs. Best and handpicked trending keywords with the perfect combination of secondary keywords were reassigned according to the best SEO strategies of 2022. Keywords placement and stuffing were also not upto the mark, which was also accounted for. At some places, we even went as far as rewriting the titles of different pages. 

We also found a point laying a negative impact on the entire page. On searching, we found that somehow the exact target keywords were assigned to several pages, which is not suitable for the website’s ranking. We arranged and substituted these target keywords to the correct format. Wherever required, our team also maintained body content on different pages. We edited and replaced the body content with newly rewritten content. To conclude, the entire process was rather long and exhausting, but in the end, the order was re-established and restored for Sbobet. This complete process of reoptimizing the complete website as per the latest SEO standards is included in Package 2.

Viral, Original, And Shareable Content in High Quality

The very first order we passed to all of our team was to come up with original and viral content for boosting the authority of Sbobet. The main idea is to achieve viral and original content of high quality, as that is the most effective way to improve your search engine rankings. Unfortunately, many experts often undermine the value of well-written, well-crafted original content is often undermined by many experts. The possible logic shared by such people is that the content on casino websites is of no worth as people often overlook it. 

Nobody can be more wrong than such people. High-quality content with all the valuable information will always attract more eyes. People will undoubtedly engage and read your content if it answers the common queries of casino users. More readers for content on your website means your website is attracting organic traffic, which will ultimately build trust and authority for your platform. In the SEO world, organic traffic is referred to as potential customers. And more potential customers is what we are after in the first place. 

Specifically, a unique blog of highly informative content was created for Sbobet. The blog only serves one purpose: to provide high-quality, highly-shareable, and a blog that could quickly go viral was drafted to drive traffic back to the business area of their website. The blog was created with the help of multiple writers. Each one of them is an expert in their respective field. They did an excellent job by drafting some marvelous content pieces on casino games, betting, and many more different subjects. 

Our writers, who were experts in this field and better-understood casino niche writing, delivered top-class content. Within a few days, our work started paying off as the website of Sbobet started to show off improved performance in rankings at Google. The best part is that these blogs were written using the most up-to-date SEO standards of 2022. It was our terrific Package 3 that made it possible to achieve this rate of success.

Redesigning The Link Building Strategy

The entire success of any SEO project depends upon the platform’s link-building strategies. This is where the boss of our all Package 4 comes in place, offering best SEO practices. What we did was redesign the link-building strategy. First, our expert teams re-built the linking structure of Sbobet by ensuring that their links are driving targeted traffic rather than wasting it on irrelevant websites. Secondly, we also ensured that the value and quality of links increased with time and were not low-quality ones. On checking, we found out that they were doing some off-page activities like forum posting, social bookmarking, etc. 

But they were not maintaining proper records to track or measure the performance of their efforts. With the help of our tracking service, we kept a close watch on all link-building efforts and redesigned their strategy. Our team monitored every link-building activity of Sbobet and made sure that they were not wasting their time on any activities which don’t convert to business. We understand the importance of targeted traffic and how link-building strategies can help. To strengthen the link-building strategy further and make it right, we monitored high-quality content on the Sbobet platform.

When your platform is supplied with quality content, only then a high-rank, high-quality, high-traffic, and excellent brand value platform would link back to your website. Our experts eliminated and corrected the poor quality content, keywords, and meta tags assigned in improper fashion and spam-looking links with authentic content for better results. The process of removing these reputation-killing links and content was removed, which was instead a time-consuming process. It was all for our best SEO practices in Package 4 that brought a casino site like this a fair share of appreciation over cyberspace. Next, we moved on to ensure:

  • Every page was supplied with vital links.
  • The number of links is maintained to save a number to avoid being counterproductive.
  • Inter-page links within the website
  • Targeting links through high-authority and high-quality websites
  • All the broken links were avoided and accounted

5. Redefined Strategies of Guest Posting

The entire Casino industry is now heavily engaged in guest blogging services. But most of the time, such guest blog posts are not being used effectively, which leads to not producing desired results. Spamming, duplicate content, and low-quality content on guest posts were some of the main problems of the Sbobet website, which reduced their ranking in search engines. The team came up with some quick-fix solutions to remove this problem. Our rule is that we avoid novice and newbie and prefer professional guest posting experts capable of offering professional-grade work that has high chances of getting accepted at different High-DA websites. Package 5 offers guest posting over authoritative websites with content written by veterans of this field. This makes us experts at balancing the premium content of relevant classes with in-hand tasks.

The links in the best quality must be added at proper time intervals to add link juice. We also made sure that all the added links were of high quality, relevant to the content, and were helping in building trust and authority for Sbobet. Even though guest posting is a common practice for many blog owners, there are certain things you ought to know about this. First, the blog post should have one or two links and more. The anchor texts of these links should also be very different so that it is capable enough to boost your rankings in SERP. Finally, and most importantly, they must be handpicked with great care, as you wouldn’t want to add a link that could damage your brand value and may end up harming your business.

6. Social Media Marketing To Attract More Organic Traffic

To promote better user engagement on the website, social media marketing was also carried out by our team to improve user retention rates and generate more traffic for Sbobet. Social media marketing is a great traffic driver and, when used appropriately, can result in a heavy traffic load for a tough niche like an online casino. Therefore, we used some basic but well-proven effective strategies to promote their social media accounts via different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and of course, a YouTube channel. 

With our Package 6, you get the best social media marketing strategies and maintain a better profile across trending social media platforms. Our experts implemented this modern way to maintain a streamlined flow of organic traffic and redirect thousands of followers from social media to the website of Sbobet. This ensured that every viewer liking or sharing the posts was accredited towards organic views on your post and linked back to your Sbobet website. We direct this incredible potential of social media to bring millions of quality traffic and improve the website’s ranking to your door in our high-grade Package 6.

With definitely his standing lack of trust and negligence from both Google and society, it was undoubtedly an improving the position of Sbobet was a tough nut to crack. With a challenging niche like gambling and online casino, the complete process was challenging, and at Parker2010, we love challenges. The fact that casinos and gambling are illegal in Indonesia wasn’t enough to stop us from promoting Sorbet to the top position at Google and attracting better traffic to their website.

The Final Results

Indonesia Casino Case Study
Indonesia Casino Case Study
Indonesia Casino Case Study
Indonesia Casino Case Study
Indonesia Casino Case Study
Indonesia Casino Case Study

The Results:

With three months of continuous work and the help of our team, Sorbet was able to achieve its target. We helped this gambling website rank at top positions on Google, and now they are enjoying this quality targeted traffic at their website.

We are talking about offering excellent results in just a matter of months with these special six packages detailed above. The graph is only on the spike with time, whether it is the number of backlinks or traffic amount.

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