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It’s Not Enough to Have 30 Pages on a Website to Make it Authoritative, Google Hints


It’s Not Enough to Have 30 Pages on a Website to Make it Authoritative, Google Hints

What should be the number of pages on your website? Would it be better to have fewer but higher-quality pages or lots of (relatively) lower-quality ones? These are just a few of the issues that have been discussed for many years. According to Google’s John Mueller, many factors contribute to the authority of a site, including the number of web pages on the site.

There was a discussion on Reddit, in which the user wondered why Google didn’t index new content as quickly as it used to. The owner of the website reports that 30 articles have been posted to the site, and has begun publishing new content again after an absence of three months.

Additionally, the user feels that the links on their website make their site look authoritative.

As John Mueller explained, after 30 articles a site cannot be considered authoritative.” Further, he explained that the three-month hiatus caused Google to take longer to index content.

“Especially for people who have not published in a while, Google might take a more conservative approach and not index more content,” John said. In addition, Mueller said that there are no problems with Google’s indexation system.

“I do not see any problems with Google’s indexing process at the moment. We are however very critical about what we choose to index, just like any other search engine.” In order to avoid this issue and a lull in traffic, John recommended that users continue to add useful content to their website. A shortcut is not an option.

As Google sees that your site is more than “30 good posts”, but is instead something we want as many users to find it, indexing will increase. But it’s not that you can push buttons before indexing to make your site the best of its kind. It’s not the push of a button that makes it great.”

The takeaways

The information presented here is quite good. John’s response reveals something important about how Google views ranking and prioritizing websites on the SERPs.

The first is that Google doesn’t simply direct users to a page; it directs them to a website. A website consists of more than just pages. Your website has to cover every subtopic within a niche comprehensively if you want it to be considered authoritative.

Furthermore, you cannot take a long hiatus between publishing anything new. If you do, your authority and credibility will suffer. The result is that your content takes longer to be indexed and ranked by search engines after being removed.

Use these two lessons to improve your website’s ranking and authority on the SERPs.


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