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Law Firm Marketing SEO Case Study

Law Firm Marketing SEO Case Study

How We Increased The Backlinks Of A Law Firm By 10X

Backlinks are essential for SEO, they can be difficult to obtain. Here is a case study that will show you how our team helped a law firm to increase its referring domains, from 400 to 4634 with our help. We were able to use the substantial amount of quality content they offered to get more links from authoritative domains.

Also, we could help them increase their organic traffic monthly from 450 to >48,000 by using a long-term strategy of link building and guest posting.


At the end of 2019, a prominent law firm specializing in personal injury began working with us. They wanted to increase their backlinks in order to boost their online presence and ranking. Since there are many firms competing for the same keywords, law firm SEO can be quite competitive. For example, PPC ads for law firms can cost hundreds of dollars. The firm had less 400 referring domains when they began working with us in October 2019.

This is the total backlinks that the firm had. Their SEO campaign had two goals: to increase backlinks and to promote high quality content.

SEO Audit

In order to help a client grow, we must conduct a detailed SEO audit of everything related to their site. The firm had around 450 organic visitors per month in October 2019, and was ranking for about 350 keywords. This brings a significant difference from their largest competitor, which currently receives approximately 11230 visitors per month.

We realized it was possible for them to increase their monthly traffic by building backlinks. After the site audit, our first task was to identify keywords that were “Easy Win” and get them working for our client.

“Easy Win” Keyword Analysis

This step can be used quickly and effectively to boost a client’s search engine optimization.

What are the “Easy Win” keywords? These are the anchors you rank for in the positions between 4-30. Anyway, these keywords are not in the top 3 positions, but they are still ranking. This means that with some love and attention we can get them to the top 3. It is a fast and simple way to take keywords that are already highly successful and increase their traffic. These keywords are easy to remember and rank like – car accidents near me. These keywords can be used in web copy and blogs once they are identified.

Competitive Gap Analysis

Our digital tools for SEO allow us to analyze every aspect of our clients and their competition. This allows us to find out what is working in the market, and identify new opportunities for clients. The purpose of a competitive gap analysis is not to replicate the work done by our client. As every law firm is unique, not all keywords will apply to every practice. This analysis allows us to identify keywords that are similar between our clients and their competitor.

Consider a law firm ranks for 6500 unique keywords, they share around 4700 keywords along with their biggest competitor’s keywords list. However, the competitor is ranking for an additional 4200 keywords but the law firm (the client) is not. In this case, this list can be scanned and analysed carefully so we can find a list of keywords that could work for our client’s website. We can also look at the backlinks of competitors. It is possible to obtain a backlink from the same site or to generate new ideas for our client.

SEO Campaign

We first assisted the law firm with syndication when they started working together in October 2019. The law firm was featured with syndicated articles about legal topics. They were happy with the content syndication result as they launched a large campaign of link building in 2021.

Our service provides clients with in-content and contextual links that link back to their site from high authority websites.

The law firm added guest posts to its SEO strategy in order to increase its ranking.

Clients can use our guest blogging service to build backlink with their content and have it published on any site with domain authorities (DAs) between 15 and 80, they wanted their content published on sites with a higher DA. After all these things were put in place, we noticed an increase in traffic to the law firm in the summer 2021. Let’s have a look at these results.


The law firm’s number referring domains increased 10X in three years. It went from less than 400 domains to 4634 by July 2022. We helped them to obtain 22,320 organic keywords by identifying and incorporating the “Easy Win” keywords as well as a targeted strategy for gaining keywords in rankings 1-3. Organic traffic is the final indicator of success for our campaign.

This is transformed by backlinks and keywords that rank high in search engines. Their traffic soared to 48,000 monthly visitors by June 2021 and this is close to 22,716 in July 2022. The law firm would have spent $50,000 on paid advertising to attract this much traffic which they are receiving organically.


This case study will help you better understand the power and importance of backlinks. These are the best ways to increase your SEO ranking, but they can be difficult to achieve. To get backlinks, businesses need to create a blog post. Contact websites to inquire if they will publish it as a guest article. It is obviously a time-consuming work. Our team includes talented content writers and SEO experts who can help you achieving your goals.

We already established relationships with websites that have high authority. You can easily get more links to your site with our link building and guest posting services. We would love to help you. For more information, contact us today.

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