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Law Firm Marketing SEO Case Study

Law Firm Marketing SEO Case Study

Law Firm SEO: From 100 to 5,000 Monthly Visitors

The following case study explains about how we increased a law firm’s website traffic by 50X. Further, you will learn that their monthly traffic is now worth $11,714.

Over the last decade, the number of active lawyers has increased by 15%, which is closely related to web traffic. In order to rank on Google these days and differentiate a law firm’s website from the competition, the SEO needs to be top-notch.

As hard as it might seem, it didn’t require a big investment.

What did we do to achieve this? Here we go!


We were approached by this Texas law firm to help optimize its website in January 2018. Four years after launching, the site had not seen much traffic growth.

A little over 100 visitors a month were coming to the firm’s website before they started using our managed SEO campaign in March 2018.
Ultimately, they wanted more qualified traffic and more leads to their website by improving their rankings online.

The SEO Audit

Whenever we work with a client, we begin with a comprehensive SEO audit. Strategizing and planning campaigns requires understanding what we’re doing to achieve our goals.

Legal is a very competitive industry right from the start. To rank locally for the phrase “law firm” in their city, our audit found it would take 310 quality backlinks to get within the top 10.

Despite some success landing backlinks, the firm clearly had a lot more work to do. Link building is our specialty and we accepted the challange.

“Easy Wins” Keyword Research

By doing smart keyword research, we identify “easy wins” keywords for our clients.

The website was already ranking at positions 4-30 for these keywords in Google. We could focus on these keywords for some quick traffic jumps because they’re already ranking near the top!

A client’s overall ranking can be improved once these keywords are identified.

In total, 756 keywords were identified as “easy wins”. There were some with incredibly high search volumes, and ranking in the Top 10 would not be difficult.

We found some valuable keywords during our research even though the client wasn’t buying ads for this campaign. Thus “domestic violence charge in Texas” keyword had a cost-per-click of $120, so ranking for it was very valuable.

The legal industry is highly competitive, so that dollar amount may seem astronomical. It is easy for law firms to make a return on an investment of $120 (and sometimes much more) when their clients make thousands of dollars from them.

Competitive Gap Analysis

Competitive analysis can provide you with valuable insights into your own business. With a competitive gap analysis, you can find out what your competitors are doing better than you.

Among the 2,852 original keywords we found, our client wasn’t using any. They specialized in marijuana law, so most of these keywords were marijuana-related. Our goal was to drive targeted traffic to their website by building content based on their keywords.

The fact that we were able to generate blog post ideas for the client’s website further piqued our interest in these keywords.

The SEO Strategy

With our link-building program, they received contextual links from authority sites that were relevant to their business.

The guest post product also includes high-level links. One of the most effective ways to boost your search engine rankings is by writing high-quality guest posts.

We are able to customize our guest posting so well that it fits their campaign perfectly. The client can decide whether to focus on getting published based on domain authority or publisher traffic for the blog length (500-2,000 words).

It takes time for SEO to take effect and we assured them they wouldn’t happen overnight. They were blown away once they discovered it.

We are proud of our results

When we started their campaign in March 2018, the client’s organic traffic was in the 300s. Since February 2022, we have received over 5500 visits per month.

Over 55X more organic traffic!

Our foundational link-building and guest posts enabled us to place extremely valuable keywords within the top 10. As a result of our placement of marijuana and domestic abuse keywords on page one of Google, we experienced a massive spike in traffic.

Over 1,000% more referring domains were directed to the client!

Organic traffic was the sole goal of this campaign (no paid advertising). We started working together with this client whose traffic value was approximately $550. It jumped to $13,000 when we began working together.

In paid advertising, the same amount of traffic they get now would cost almost $40K a month! You can see how values have grown below.


Our client wanted us to increase their traffic and rankings. Having a managed SEO campaign is something we knew we should consider.

One of our SEO experts managed a custom-crafted and managed autopilot SEO campaign for them, rather than purchasing all of our other packages separately.

A powerful guest post can also help move the needle in search rankings, as we know link building is the key to search rankings. Our efforts helped them get more leads and clients by increasing organic traffic and ranking them at the top of the SERPs by over 800%.

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