Google Has Added More Search Console Insights To Its Data Studio


Google Has Added More Search Console Insights To Its Data Studio

Google’s new update has enabled you to drift more information from the Search Console.

Google has made its additional data for Search Console available using a Data Studio Connector. It is helping the users to envisage traffic from more Google sources.

The announcement of this update was made by Daniel Waisberg, Google Search Advocate, in his second post of the blog series, “Data Studio & Search Console.”

While his first article discusses the advantages users acquire by connecting Search Console to Data Studio, its second blog showcases the announcement of adding more data.

In his blog, he wrote that from now onwards, the Search Console connector will also include data for both Discover and Google News traffic, which is the same as the data appended to the API recently.

It means that users are now capable of drifting other data along with the Search data to Google.

Moreover, Waisberg distributed the Dashboard template collectively together with the update. This way, you will be able to utilize Data Studio for knobbing in distinctive Search Console properties, devices, data types, etc. 

Data Studio Search Traffic Dashboard

Google has developed and distributed a template among its users. This template is beneficial as it helps them to observe the performance of Google Search. With the help of this dashboard, you will be able to figure out the problems in the form of bar or line charts.

You can also go a little deeper to discover the cause of much bigger problems. To do this, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Register to the Google Data Studio
  • Generate a Search Console Data Source
  • Select the URL Impression table.

When you select the URL Impression table, you will be able to access data for web, image, video, news, and even find in the form of URL.

Screenshot from:, March 2022.

What Else Can You Do In A Google Data Studio Dashboard?

After setting up your dashboard, you can also:

  • Select the range of data you desire to evaluate further.
  • Identify the data you want to observe by considering the desired Search Console property.
  • Choose appropriate filters like device, country, and search type.


Screenshot from:, March 2022.

Once you have selected it, you will obtain a Line chart from Data Studio. The line chart serves as one of the most implicit visualizations as it showcases the changes in the metrics over time.

You can also determine data in the Data Studio with the help of tables. This table categorizes specific categories of a website or individual URLs.

Screenshot from:, March 2022.

You can effortlessly generate a data studio using the filters given below:

  • Page Filter- It includes only particular sections of your site.
  • Type Filter- It helps you in determining the performance of URL level for every data type.
  • Country Filter- It helps you analyze the performance of different pages in different countries you care about.

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