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Pros and Cons of DoFollow Links

Pros and Cons of DoFollow Links

Pros and Cons of DoFollow Links

Having quality backlinks is indispensable for obtaining an increasing number of visitors to your website. It is quality links that make your website rank higher and higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). To get these links in a fair way, many backlink strategies exist, which many SEO experts are following.

While implementing this strategy, one of the main aspects to consider is the link type. In the SEO domain, there are two types of links namely, dofollow and nofollow. Both of them have significant contributions to successful SEO marketing. 

However, in this post, let’s explore the dofollow links along with their pros and cons, which will give you an insight into how these links can benefit and/or limit the impact of your overall SEO strategy. 


In 2005, Google introduced the concept of dofollow links to minimize the issue of search engine spam indexing as well as make the search results better. Well, the fact is that by default, a link is a dofollow link if nothing is mentioned specifically about what type of link it is by introducing a tag in its HTML code.

All such links enable a search engine to reach the linked websites through them. They pass by what is popularly known as backlinks or link juice. These links are important, as they help you to gain a good website rank on Google SERPs. Google considers them authoritative for connecting to the websites and passing juice to them. This is why you can expect an increased rank for your website.

Moreover, these links tend to affect the Google ranking algorithm directly. At this point, votes are given to these links based on their quality, which sets them apart from nofollow links.

Pros (Advantages) of Dofollow Links

  • Increases the visibility of your webpages
  • Pulls more visitors to your website
  • Increases popularity of your posts
  • Motivates others to link your webpages or posts, meaning getting more and more backlinks
  • Boosts site activity; enables obtaining more comments on your posts
  • Increases the rank of posts for multiple keywords
  • Increases authority of your website/webpage in the eyes of Google
  • Affects the Google ranking algorithm positively
  • Develops a healthy relationship with brands

Cons (Disadvantages) of Dofollow Links

  • More probability of handling spam comments
  • More time in handling each comment
  • Link juice distributed to all outbound links
  • Risk of losing authority for giving dofollow links to other sites
  • Risk of losing the page rank, negatively affecting the Google rank


In a nutshell, for increasing the Google rank of your website, it is essential to obtain quality backlinks. For bringing your website to the first SERP on Google, you need to develop a good dofollow backlinks profile. As it is clear that dofollow links have their benefits and limitations, it is up to you to tap its full potential.

This would be as per your goal, which can be to develop a strong reader base for your posts or obtain a higher SERP rank. Thus, based on what you decide, you need to be discerning while building dofollow links while keeping its benefits and disadvantages in mind. 

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