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Real Estate SEO Guide

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Real Estate SEO Guide

People are often tired of being a realistic website but still not getting enough trafficking in Google. It is a myth that when a new website is launched it is automatically found by search engines. But the truth is simply not this. Many Real estate websites have to crawl to get listed in our search engines.

If you are a professional realistic franchise, then getting proper traffic into your website is the most crucial thing to look after.

What is real estate SEO?

SEO for a real estate franchise is what having your website automatically get proper trafficking in a Google search engine results. It can be divided into two major sections that are local SEO where the business of Google is the main result. The other type of real estate is for the searches like ‘cities for sale’. To get this type of Google search, your page or website must display a local listing of all the available options.

Internet is playing a major role in real estate transactions since its invention. But in 2022 Real Estate SEO has become more popular. In the wake of the Corona virus or COVID-19 pandemic, a big digital presence has shown an important aspect in the real estate business. If you do not have any proper website or do not commonly search realistic terms then you are missing a lot of customers in your business.

Unluckily, multiple real estate agencies know the significance of getting ranked on their website on a Google search engine.

 In the next segment, we will cover all the basic steps for ranking a real estate website.

Guidance to real estate SEO

We all know that real estate search engine optimization is the most challenging and unique. Many steps are involved in the ranking of real estate websites which are not as same as definitive website engine marketing.

Below are the steps that a broker or a franchise can use to get a proper result. You can follow the below steps to get ranking in the search engines like Google.

Steps one: Local SEO

The first and foremost step is to regular releases website is getting it nailed down in a local SEO. Google has recently been investing in its business profile infrastructure and constantly running new features into its application. They have even recently changed the name of Google My Business to Google business profile. From the recent changes, we can also expect many new features in the coming year and will keep you up to date with new releases.

The first step is to establish a local SEO by creating a business profile listing. This will automatically tell search engines about the name of your brand, business address, and phone number. The most beneficial aspect of this process is to ensure that your credentials are consistent with your Google business account and your online presence such as Twitter and Facebook.

As soon as you complete your mobile business profile and verified it, you have to create or update a citation account. Citations are the count for the website that gives you a connection for your business online such as Yellow Pages, Facebook, or Foursquare. There are many potential citations or directories on the website that you can put to your business to get a piece of information on it.

Step two: Keyword 

One of the most obvious key phrases is simply your city and your city homes for sale. In most cases, these can be the most searched keyword phrases but are not necessarily the main keyword for searching a proper real estate business.

  • Low hanging fruit keywords: In some cases, you need to find specific phrases that are specifically for particular clients who were searching for the best real estate business. This may be a unique term that is specifically for your area such as ‘shotgun homes’ in New Orleans or Boston brownstones. If you further go into the deep, certain clients can find the keywords that are specific to their choices. Therefore, finding a proper keyword that is low-hanging fruit keywords should be the first step of keyword research analysis.
  • Keyword research for real estate industries: A professional real estate will look after a deeper section than just simply working on simple keywords. As an entrepreneur, you also have to look after all the suitable keywords that properly seed your content. Your keyword research should not only include obvious keywords but some of the deviation of those keywords. For instance, your city + homes for sale would be deviated like
  • Your city + state homes for sale
  • Your city + state for sale
  • Your city + state for sale
  • Real estate in your city
  • Real estate for sale in your city
  • Real estate for sale in your city
  • A similar type of search phrases with countries and states
  • All the above with the state abbreviation

Each of the above phrases will have a distinct number of monthly searches and had a different competition which ultimately benefits the website. With the latest algorithm of Google learning and a lightning speed analysis, today the correlation between the user intent and keyword research is the most important aspect. In the year 2021, Google BRT is used nearly all searches. BRT is a Google algorithm that leverage is artificial intelligence to get a better sense of search query.

 Step 3: Complete the website Audit

We just know you have a good idea about local SEO and what type of keywords you must select for your website or content. Come on the next step is to get an overview of the SEO website audit. Most of the professionals use audit processes or free websites audit tools as the one-click SEO provides. You can also use special SEO audit tools like screaming frog, SERped. Many pricey SEO audit agencies used to hire a manual audit team for auditing. Depending on the size of your organization and site, offline or manual auditing of the website starts from around $500.

Once you successfully get an audit result you know at least how your website finally stands from a technical perspective. It is important to understand that there is no silver bullet for search engine optimization. To get a proper ranking of your website you must have to work in all concerts.

Step 4: Meta titles and description

The 4th step is to review the Meta headers on each page. Meta description and Meta titles are very important aspects of your page in SEO.

Meta title for each page should include the main keywords you’d like to rank. When you collect all the content of the page you should end up with a Meta title. To make the Meta title for every page should somewhere come from 0 -27 characters.

Meta title and description are what your clients or customers will see in their respective searching results.

The Meta description is slightly longer than the Meta title. It ranges from character 160 to 300. The Meta description of each website page provides you with a quick description of what the page is about. Meta title plays an important role in ranking the page. On the other hand, Meta descriptions will help the users to click on the site.

Mobile responsive sites and speed of the website

It is already 2022, everybody is already aware that every person is connected with the help of the Smartphone. Therefore it is very important to make the site mobile-friendly. Moreover, the website audit is already covered, but it needs special attention.  

It is surprising to know that world’s most of the trafficking comes from mobile devices. Most of the professionals advise making their website mobile-friendly as it can easily be accessed from any place. A website is always first made to be compatible with the mobile version than it is meant to be for the desktop version. Though from the user’s perspective, it is just a minor change, from a web designer’s perspective it is a huge process.

No professional can assure you that your website is the fastest one. The two factors that go hand in hand are the speed of the website and compatibility with the mobile. Sometimes which is the fastest may not be compatible with the mobile version. The speed of the website also depends on what type of hosting is utilized to create the website. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages for real estate. 

Accelerate Mobile Page is a new technology where you can reduce the version of the webpage and make it compatible with the mobile device. These pages are then delivered to Google servers for lightning-speed results. If you use AMP technology for the real estate website, you can provide a superfast experience to visitors. It is noteworthy that you can generally not place a real estate listing from IDX on an AMP page. Therefore you have to load those pages without AMP.

IDX listing 

Homebuyers and sellers always use the internet to make them visible to the customers and clients. Through the implantation of the IDX, we can easily real estate listing from other brokers or an agent site. When your website shows an IDX listing, you are providing the same inputs as every local real estate site with a RETS feed from local MLS. Therefore, it duplicates its content. Every search engine lists it as low-quality content as it is not unique and is copied across the sites. 

For the last 10 years, Google’s search is removing or replacing the quantity of content by using advanced algorithms for ranking. They are now removing thousands of duplicate or copied content and mixing it with quality content that should be the main point for your website. This can be easily avoided by using a custom IDX display data with other third-party information. This will make your website somewhat different from other brokers in your area. Another option for decreasing the duplicate SEO of content issue is by using IDX in place of IDX property listing on the sub domain of the website.

Collecting backlinks form and authoritative real estate websites

The quantity and the quality of backlinks are depended upon the real estate website that Google shows. They always look out for backlinks that have an authoritative reference for quality information. There are various ways in which you can acquire Edu backlinks but it is important to remember that all backlinks are not created in the same way.

The more appropriate site you are linking with your website, the more traffic, and power the website will become. If you have so many spammy backlinks filed out to your website, then it is Pernicious to your SEO. Moreover just because you have a powerful link of realistic size, doesn’t mean that it is helpful all the same. For example, if you are taking a backlink of an alternative website like Zillow or other large estate sites, it will not bring little authority to your website.

The most powerful backlinks

The most powerful battling is passed from a realistic website that is using your backlink and content itself. For instance, if Zillow is posting an article on their website and mention the term discount real estate broker. They can use the term as an anchor text and point out your website which would be a powerful ranking in terms of discount real estate broker.

Here is the list of ways you can create a backlink profile

  • Guest posting
  • Social media syndication of original content
  • Finding broken backlinks from the site you want to have your link from
  • Marketing your content
  • Analyzing your competitor’s backlink profile

In content marketing, the main process is to link other websites to that particular content. Therefore it is important to link proper content and get it in front of the pupil so that they can easily link your content with them.

 With the proper backlink and the single most important factor for ranking in Google, it is also becoming an abused process by many SEO agencies. In earlier days, simply a higher number of backlinks can increase the trafficking or visibility of the website to the viewers. Today mostly because of an abused company, Google is strictly looking closely at every Edu backlinks. Moreover in the past, they have found significant success with creating tones of backlinks from just about anywhere. But nowadays too many backlinks from the wrong website can hurt your search engine optimization and effort. They can even be banned or de-indexed from Google.

A strong social media presence

You cannot be a successful realtor without having a strong social media presence. Your social media account must post all the relevant pages and blogs from the real estate website. All the renowned real estate websites like Activerain, post their blogs or share their relevant links to their social media accounts.

If you want to have a successful agent or broker you should have the following social media accounts

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn profile

Other than this social media, other products will assist you to syndicate your original content from your website.

Schema for real estate websites

Schema structured data in Google or other web search engines about the type of business. This schema will reflect the real estate website and identify you as a real estate agency, realistic broker, or real estate agent. The schema of the website should also contain your exact name, address, and phone number. Other information includes the hour of your work, latitude, and longitude of your office and real estate markets you are serving till now.

Adding to schema markup is a bit tricky for the fresher webmaster. Most of the basic apps or plug-in implement at a minimum. To get proper information, they will have to struggle to get an appropriate real estate website and proper programming knowledge.

Collecting online reviews from the past customers

Most of the Realtors brokers and real estate websites are aware of the power of online review. Whether you get a review on Google or any popular search engines, it will maximize your testimonial.

For example, in the case of Google, all reviews should have a proper schema and aggregate rating. Always be careful that if you have tagged a review site incorrectly, it will make Google distinguish you as an intruder. You are copying an existing review and trying to get did it for the same.

Appointing a real estate SEO expert

It is not a hardcore job to get ranked in the search engine. However, many SEO experts are there to help you with the proper ranking of the challenges. There is an intense level of completion among the different SEO experts hence there is a variation in pricing. 

Any SEO company may not be sufficient for your ranking demand. As they have different SEO tools, it is quite obvious that they did not know how to use real estate tech background to know IDX or any other aspect of SEO.

Is real estate SEO is difficult to understand? 

Compare to other online vertices, real estate SEO is difficult and more challenging. The challenging part of this field is that it is already taken over by multinational companies like Zillow, Realtor, and After competing with his giant, you have to deal with large brokers, and real estate franchises like Keller Williams, Remax, and Coldwell Banker. Other than this every broker has its website and in 2021, it was found that there are almost 2 million online active estate agents. 

Realtors: a real estate SEO

One-click SEO did not only shows an understanding of the real estate market but we have had an authorized license for real estate instructors for almost 8 years. Even Realator content marketing manager has 20 years of experience in running a realistic brokerage under his belt.

We are there to recognize real Estate marketing from the inside out. We have years of experience in all the features of real estate technology and are one of the leading ideas experts in the world for creating the best website.

One-click SEO understands that your website should rank in such a way that it gets thousands of other searches per month in the best advertising. You can get a reasonable rate for growing a brokerage and recruiting an agent. The name of our organization for a realistic and experienced brokerage. The website traffic and leads from your entire website are just on the top of the search engine.

Search engine optimization for real estate

We have experienced and specialized professionals who are working for over 18 years with a powerful result. Working with the largest realistic brands in the world and focusing specifically on search engine optimization for real estate is the main feature of our organization.

SEO of real estate, we especially look at the ranking as one of the main parts for digital marketing packages. All the designs delivered by us are approved by our professional team and have a web presence. All search engine optimization takes minimum time because of that we have explored ways of delivering new leads which immediately help in growing the website’s SEO over time.

These specifically use Google ads to generate instant trafficking which leads to Facebook remarketing to build our brand. Creating targeted traffic is not only helps your website over the long term but also starts generating new sellers which ultimately leads to immediate popularity.

The ongoing follow-up of Facebook marketing will keep your real estate website top of the list for coming months over a potential client that will visit your website.

Digital marketer

Digital marketer at the person who best understands real estate. We have an elongated history of real estate including sales brokerage training ownership as a licensee of real estate instructor, board of directors for multiple MLS’s. Our team also includes the past president of one of the nations and heading technology, strategy, and Internet services for some of the best nations for the related brand over 5000 agents.

We are also successfully administering dozens of small brokers with digital marketing all across Mexico Canada and the United States sunstroke.

One-click SEO, which is also formerly known as DEN just doesn’t pretend to understand real estate marketing. We have had a deep understanding for almost two decades in this professional field. We also understand dealing with real estate websites that ultimately show up major real estate searches in terms of market dominance.

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