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Saint Diamonds Case Study

Saint Diamonds Case Study

Turning Ashes To Diamonds: A Whopping Business Revolution Case Study

This case study is an attempt to vivify our business development potential for Diamond merchants. The company invests in preserving sparkling memories of your loved ones.

The study elucidates how we enabled suitable link building packages for this remarkable company to advance its clientele. It emphasizes the relevance of generating organic web traffic and customer leads for a spurring SERP.

Client Background

The company dedicates itself in curating precious diamonds from the hairs of ashes of dead people. The dear ones of these dead souls approach us with their last tokens of reminiscences and to freeze them forever.

As a part of our heart-warming business, we convert these physical epitomes into beautifully carved diamond pieces. In this way, we are able to preserve the memories of the dead people coupling it with true love for humanity.

While fabricating diamonds, the company maintains high quality standards. Each carved piece undergoes clinical examination in research laboratories prior to their global delivery.

The Challenges We Faced

The road to fruitful link building and SERP escalation was fraught with challenges and hurdles. As a digital marketing agency, it took us a full year to study their business research analytics before coming up with viable solutions.

To reach this stage, we overcame the following obstructions:

  • Online visibility was one of the pertinent factors responsible for their low brand credibility. This is because many people are still unaware of this ashes to diamond conversion business and its working dynamics.
  • The client revealed a sharp desperation to reach its target audience at the earliest. This makes it all the more difficult for a novice niche industry to peak up its performance.
  • Trust among the company and the prospective clients was yet another issue which required utmost attention.
  • The link building specialists had to struggle hard when finding appropriate and analysable datasets.

The Services We Offered

Despite a tremendously successful business, the client was still dissatisfied with its clientele. The company was unable to achieve online recognition which it desired due to certain underlying reasons.

Our task was to uplift the company’s brand image and popularize its credentials more dynamically through digital marketing toolkits. We performed so through our premium SEO-friendly, link building and brand optimization services.

Our expert community of SEO specialists were able to alleviate their Google ranks within the timespan of a year.

Our Solutions

Despite a list of issues at hand, we were not ready to compromise with our services and research analytics. Our team put dedicated hours of efforts to deliver the best link building solutions in the market.

Here is what we adopted as a part of our solution policy:

  • Our first aim was to conduct a profound market research and locate their company’s subject position. Over here, we also interpret the competitive and the saturated market dynamics and how they could impact the patent company.
  • Next, our objective is to optimize your landing pages with different SEO techniques. This includes using meta tags, appropriate keywords, unique content creation and image optimization.
  • We perform link building and company networking exercises and promote company URLs on multiple social media platforms.

The Final Results

Our aggressive link building optimization was able profit the company in the long run. Despite the ups and downs in growth (as depicted in the images), we are able to observe the company’s business growth for two years and furnish feasible business development solutions.

Our solutions were able to bloom the company’s market position. In 2019, the company stood among the top two ranks on Google search engine (check the images).

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