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SEO Case Studies

Top 10 Rankings In 3 Months !!!

Top 10 Rankings In 3 Months !!!

The client bought a fresh domain and shared 4 Keywords along with target location(s). Today, the website is ranking in top 10 search results in UAE and top 20 search results in other 15 countries. Yes we did it in just 3 months.

A managed SEO campaign was in place for this client –

All of these case studies are supported by a strategy that you can read about here.


How Parker2010 Helped Sbobet Improve Their Google Rankings And Bring Better Traffic?

SEO itself is a complicated process of implementing specific strategies for every business and requires expertise in every single segment. When we talk about SEO for gambling platforms or casinos, the game is more challenging and demanding now.

Turning Ashes to Diamonds: A Whopping Business Revolution Case Study

This case study is an attempt to vivify our business development potential for Diamond merchants. The company invests in preserving sparkling memories of your loved ones.

How we up-surged the Online Visibility of our Casino Clients: A Critical Case Study

The year 2012 witnessed Google’s new policy of obliterating knockout link building directories and techniques. This compelled key stakeholders in the casino and gambling industry to advent new SEO and digital marketing tactics to reboot their businesses.

A Reflexive Case Study on Truck Tow San Jose

The case study illustrates our endeavours to digitally popularize Truck Tow San Jose business around the world. Truck towing companies approached us to increase organic traffic on their landing pages and generate potential customer leads.


Businesses can find a niche in their local area
Using SEO instead of other marketing methods could prove to be more profitable. The case study breaks down how an effective SEO strategy can deliver insane ROI.

Come on, let’s do this!

2500 visitors a month from 100!

Optimization Case Study
Industries associated with e-commerce
We helped online retailer increase traffic by 2400% in this case study. Interested in diving in?

Law Firm Marketing SEO Case Study

Backlinks are essential for SEO, they can be difficult to obtain. Here is a case study that will show you how our team helped a law firm to increase its referring domains, from 400 to 4634 with our help.

Tourism Company Ranking #1 in the industry!

Optimization Case Study
An industry that involves travel and tourism
Learn what we did to boost tourism and travel rankings website with this case study. Using our Managed SEO Service Package, we ranked the site on page 1 of Google.

5X increase in traffic to SAAS website!

An example of PPC
The business model for SaaS
Discover how we climbed to the top of Google’s rankings with a SAAS website.

An increase of 7.5x in keywords at the Beauty Salon Institute

Study of SEO Cases
Industry of career training
Are colleges and training programs as concerned about SEO as e-commerce or repair services? Yes, that’s right.

Traffic increased by 147%!

Optimization Case Study
Analysis of SEO Case Studies
Industry of automobile dealerships
Are you interested in learning how we boosted the website traffic of a car dealership by 147%?

From 500 to 7,000 visitors per month for a law firm with SEO

Analysis of SEO Case Studies
The sector of the legal profession
The following case study explains how we increased a law firm’s website traffic by 800% in only six months.

Visitors have increased by 10X!

Analyzing SEO Case Studies
Market for e-commerce
After a few months of collaborating with us, one of our E-commerce clients achieved great results.



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