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Travel Company Ranking #1 in the industry!

Travel Company Ranking #1 in the industry!

In this case study, you will learn what we did to boost tourism and travel rankings keyword of this website. Using our Managed SEO Service Package, we ranked the site # 1 in Google.

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Guided tours are the focus of this travel site.

We focused exclusively on building  link for this client since they had a content team of their own.

In that March 2017, we offered them some Packages for Guest Posts, and they saw significant growth. Then May 2018, they signed up our Managed SEO campaigns again.

It used to be about traffic 400 visitors per month when they bought packages from us, but now it’s over 4 Million!

SEO Audit

We always conduct an audit of the site as part of an SEO Strategy.

The factors we take into account include traffic volume, links, anchor text, etc.

Due to its consistent approach and in-house content team, the site had no penalties.

They already had 5-15 monthly DA30+ guest posts before signed up our SEO Campaign.

As a result, we intended to make sure the campaign was diversified since they were already focusing on exact matched anchors. Our team took note of that as over-optimizing anchor text can have a negative effect.

Keyword Research – “Easy Wins” 

We are always looking for keyword phrases that can produce “quick wins.” with. Initially, we identified 926 keywords in positions 4-30 that could produce quick wins.

Their webpage had a lot of ranking potential and this was very positive news. When identifying LSI keywords to use in the anchor text, we assisted the consumer to choose target with high-volume.

Keyword Research – Competitive Gap Analysis

Using their gaps analysis, we can identify keywords you do not rank for that your competitors do. The hidden goldmines of your business can often be found here with Competitive Gap Analysis.

Their competitors were targeting 92 keywords, but not them.

This information was shared with their content creation team with an aim to write content as per the requirements now, since they were responsible for creating this content themselves.

The SEO Campaign & Execution

As mentioned above, their foundation was already built when they bought high-quality links from us.

A monthly campaign, for example, looks like this:

  • Diversity Links
  • 6 Posts on DA10 blogs
  • 6 Posts on DA20 blogs
  • 2 Posts on DA30 blogs
  • 2 Posts on DA40 blogs

Please note that we used, natural, and “easy wins” to keep some diversity LSI-type keywords such as anchor text.


It has been a fantastic campaign with steady increases every month.

The traffic value to this website is approximately $552K and it ranks high for competitive keywords.

A List of links and Content that are continuously updated over time yield the most effective results. Our focus was on building high-quality links for this client since their content team was very talented.

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