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Truck Tow San Jose Case Study

Truck Tow San Jose Case Study

A Reflexive Case Study On Truck Tow San Jose

The case study illustrates our endeavours to digitally popularize Truck Tow San Jose business around the world. Truck towing companies approached us to increase organic traffic on their landing pages and generate potential customer leads.

Here we recollect our SEO and link building teamwork and how we pulled up a massive clientele for such clients.

Client Background

Most of our clients belonged to the truck towing business with huge on-field demand. Out of these, many were the ones who started their venture right from scratch and eventually climbed the ladder of success.

The clients offered commercial towing services for tractors, trucks, buses and trailers. These heavy vehicles found extensive application in lifting metal scraps, ferrying goods and people.

However, despite having an on-ground grip over their customers, the company’s encountered issues in brand marketing and advertisement. Our task was to revitalize their market position and escalate their business and monetary dynamics.

The Challenges We Faced

Making the truck towing companies achieve the 8th rank was not a cakewalk. Our team spent days, or even months, to comprehend the growth trajectory of our clients. For this reason, we even had to face several challenges such as:

  • Many of the company owners were novices in this field and they didn’t have the knowledge of the unpredictable market.
  • The clients lacked the X-factor to excel as per their ambitious desires.
  • They were unaware of the rising competition which their business anticipated facing in the forecast period.
  • The industry already had few established names which attracted the maximum clientele.
  • The industry already had few established names which attracted the maximum clientele.
  • The big tycoons already took up most of the keywords to optimize their websites. This even made us suffer from a rank drop during the months of August and September (Check the image).

The Services We Offered

As a premium digital marketing company, our key objective was to raise the brand credibility of our clients. For this, we targeted on the plausible methods of optimizing their business and peak up their rank on online search engines.

Our dedicated execution to hike their online visibility achieved its milestone within 6 months. The given image demonstrates the fruit of our services, as we helped them rank 8th on the search engine platform.

Our Solutions

Despite the aforementioned challenges in our way, we were not ready to compromise on any ground. Our sincere and professionally trained team of search engine optimizers and digital marketers joined hands to overcome each challenge. For this, we adopted the below mentioned policies:

  • We conducted an in-depth research analysis of our clients and the contemporary position of their businesses.
  • We also attempted a rigorous study of the truck towing market estimated its growth in the forthcoming years.
  • The next task in the row was to undertake a robust keyword study and finding optimal ways to insert them on the client’s website. This constituted both on-age and off-page SEO solutions in addition to hashtag, meta tag, link and image optimization services.
  • Post this, our team performed the link building exercise in which we posted its URL on multiple social media channels. This invited several visitors on their web pages and increased its organic traffic.
  • The low ranks in the months of August and September made us run aggressive link building and digital marketing campaigns. This gradually turned the tables in our favour and made our clients blossom without farther restraints.

The Final Results

Despite having a rollercoaster profile, the results were as remarkable as our hard work. Within a period of 6 months, the companies doubled their organic traffic (attained a life value of 92).

In short, our strategic marketing and SEO techniques were able to benefit Truck Tow San Jos companies. It made them realize their customer viewership and paved the way for future networking with major companies.

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