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A machine-learning AI system is the rankbrain which helps Google to process few of the search results, mostly the rare and one-of-a- kind questions. Rankbrain was launched in the year 2015 as well as used worldwide by Google. Rankbrain’s primary function is helping the queries which are processed by Google however, now some companies also say that it is used to rank web pages.

If the rankbrain sees a word or phrase it is not familiar too, the machine makes guess as to determine the similar meaning word or phrase and then filters the result.  Thus, it handles the never seen search keywords or queries in better way. Search queries are typed into word vectors, also referred to as distributed representations that are close to one another in conditions of linguistic similarities.

Rankbrain when come across those queries or words which it is not familiar with then it find the words which match to it and then shows the results which may satisfy the users.

Impact of rankbrain on the SEO

Great content is essential than ever

  • It is known to the world of SEO that keywords are important when writing content for any website. Google’s algorithm identifies these keywords in the content of the page as well as uses them in the process of ranking.
  • Keyword only though, may not get you far. The process of Google rankbrain is clever enough to determine great content as well as also do not provide the user with good experience, the chances of website ranking high are less.

Continuous updating the ranking algorithm

  • Back then, the mathematical algorithm was devised to determine search ranking that remains constant as well as efficient till next update. With the rankbrain, the algorithm goes through vast changes. The results will continuously fluctuate as well as a change to permit the accuracy of the outcome. Thus, website owner now has to be evenly versatile as well as smart while selecting the keywords.
  • Rankbrain makes use of AI to identify the users need. Thus, instead of making pages with a solitary focus on the single keyword, it will be better to make content targeting the main keyword as well as a number of linked keywords.


Rankbrain is accountable for billion of search questions as well as certain that in coming months it is going to play the very important role in enhancing the quality of search results of Google. Now you must have understood clearly about the rankbrain, its use and its impact on the SEO. There are many more things which user must know about the rankbrain. So, read this article carefully and understand each and every point.

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