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From Venice, Google’s Panda, and search plus your World updates, a year ago the landscape of SEO has got changed completely. That clearly means SEO strategies and techniques got to change with time but keywords are the only things that have firmly connected the whole of the content on the web. It is understood that keyword is not only important and essential to content but also to link strategies. However, semantic keyword technology & human element has precisely and accurately come down the Google pipelines. Do you know what semantic keywords are in SEO?

Semantic keywords

A technology that determines what keyword means to a user when they type it is termed as semantic search technology. It mainly deals with the exploration of the words semantics or the real meaning underneath them. To understand it in a better way, assume that a particular user has typed “laptop”-what do they mean by this? Either they wish to purchase a laptop, need laptop repair, upgrading of it or might be searching related to it just to get information.

Additional clues are required for additional keywords in reality as people do not make use of an exact keyword that is mentioned above, for example-“laptop”.

Search engines are not always right, it just guesses what has gone by or typed by a user is really a keyword or not. The semantic search technology looks at these words as well as related words for clues on how one enters it.

For example, you have typed “laptop repair” in the search engine page, the semantic search technology quickly recognizes real-time location through GPS feature on your device & show results related to “laptop repair”. More briefly you get to see something like “your city + laptop repair”.

Advantages: Creating a high converting content with semantic keyword database has numerous benefits which are mentioned below briefly:

  • Higher clicks– Whether its text ads, post, landing pages or emails, CTR can be improved and enhanced with highly-targeted keywords. The result will surely go off the roof when these elements get converted well or aligned semantically.
  • Lower minimum bids- Targeted action and higher relevance with content via semantic keyword enhancements laid to a minimum or lower bid on campaigns.
  • Highest quality score- When around semantic keywords, you accomplish higher relevance, reward by the search engine due to high-quality score ensures better ranking.

How SEO gets impacted by it?

In SEO campaigns, the search keyword technology signifies identification of correct keyword as per user intention in reality and the creation of right content around these terms are done by semantic keyword research.

You sought out keywords along with highest search volume in the real world of the keyword. The meaning between the created content and a list of keywords was equal. For example, in “SEO strategy tools” it only meant “SEO strategy tools”.

A database of keywords gets build in semantic keyword world which is full of meaning that implies “SEO strategy tools” can be used precisely with other contexts too.


It is a fact that nowadays there are dozens of tools available so as to build semantic keyword clouds. Hopefully, this approach allows you to understand a lot of things about semantic keywords well. You have precisely come across the advantages of semantic keyword that would help you immensely. Moreover, you have also known how SEO gets impacted with semantic keyword technology that tells lots of things about this awesome technology. In this competitive market, creating a right framework is necessary and you will need a critical aspect of message marketing.

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