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What is the meaning of hummingbird to SEO? This is a most common question and today we are going to discuss it. Google Hummingbird update is the biggest update since 2001 and it has hit the sites hard enough same as that panda/penguin update. This hummingbird update was released in the August of 2013. It is a new algorithm made up of 200+factors which affected the ranking as well as search. The biggest change was made via sharp eye on mobile as well as that explosion of the mobile market in the past few years.

The algorithm of a hummingbird included the conversational searches as it is intended to concentrate on the importance of phrase than single keyword. This is due to the reason that today many people make use of the voice while searching on mobile instead of typing. In fact, it is easier to say something and search rather than typing on a keyboard.

Thus, instead of working in a way which looks for individual words the hummingbird worked in a manner that it can understand the question better. So it searches the meaning behind that word as well as look at the whole phrase to interpret the meaning.

Hummingbird work for SEO as

  • Until and unless you are bending/ breaking the rules
  • In spite of the cries that “SEO is dead” performing the usual round online if an SEO is the publisher of quality content then for them hummingbird will not make any difference.
  • For the SEO professionals, this update is good as it weeds out negative SEO which makes the outrageous statement that they are able to find your site on the front page of the search result of Google within a week.
  • We can also say that hummingbird is a nice thing for the content writer as well as publishers as long as the content they make is worthwhile.
  • This algorithm aims to eliminate irrelevant contents as well as spam.
  • The authorship program works hand-in-hand with it and allows Google to search authors producing optimal quality content as well as rely on the ‘trusted’ authors.

So, this is all about the hummingbird update of Google and what is its meaning for SEO. At present content producer, the site owner, as well as SEO, must focus on integrity as well as quality to maintain their online position. Or else they will lose value on Google and their content will be eliminated.

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